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The Aftermath Guarantee

Our pledge to you is a commitment to safe, efficient, high-quality biohazard cleanup services. We promise that we will uphold the highest level of ethics, compassionate service and complete sanitization. We will provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Certificate of Treatment for any service in which our full recommendations are selected and completed. Our guarantee covers the removal of any and all biological material in the treated areas and/or elimination of any returning odors, for up to 6 months after treatment.

Rapid Response, Discretion and Compassion

Although we hope you never have need of our services, we strive to be there quickly when you do need us.

Our 24/7 dispatch center is staffed with caring, compassionate operators who are ready to receive your call. Our nationwide coverage includes dozens of company-owned regional and mobile locations to better assist you. When you place a request for service, we will provide you with a time frame in which to expect us and we will keep you updated on our progress. We can also work with law enforcement to be standing by when a scene is “cleared” for cleanup.

Fully Licensed, Certified, Trained and Insured

Aftermath is a nationwide company that operates locally in most states. We do not subcontract out to anyone, but service all calls with our own technicians. This ensures that we are providing highest quality of service on a consistent basis. While each state has different requirements, Aftermath possesses the highest level of insurance needed to provide you with safe, efficient trauma scene cleanup. We are also fully compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations concerning biohazard cleaning. Our dedication to safety is apparent in our processes, procedures, and training programs, which are specially tailored to comply with these regulations and guidelines.

Proven Industry Leader

With over 15 years in the biohazard cleanup business, we have the experience necessary to remediate almost any bio recovery situation. Our innovative cleaning techniques build on the best practices of industries which are known for their high standards of sanitation and cleanliness, including food manufacturers and hospitals. Our procedures are formulated based on the research of OSHA representatives, medical professionals, pathologists, chemists, and other experts to ensure the highest quality cleanup possible.

Dedicated Bioremediation Services

Crime scene cleanup is the only type of service Aftermath performs. Beware of part timers whose principle business is carpet cleaning, security or business/residential cleaning. These low-cost providers often perform limited biological recovery work and will be sending inexperienced personnel with little or no training. These services often become a disservice when the customer realizes that the site has not been properly remediated, or further damage to the home is caused. Aftermath offers a full range of specialty biohazard removal services.

Trained Crime Scene Cleaning Technicians

Many of our customers praise us for our compassion and the quality of our services. We achieve this level of satisfaction because we believe dedication and commitment to quality crime scene clean up starts with the people we hire.

Every Aftermath technician goes through a detailed “on-boarding” process, which determines that they have the caring, integrity and ability to work with our customers. Once hired, technicians participate in Aftermath’s extensive proprietary training program, which emphasizes industry-leading safety practices and guidelines, as well as Aftermath’s signature sanitization methods.

Continuing education and refreshers are also conducted to ensure that work consistently meets established standards. Our 28-point checklist provides a basic overview of the many steps we take to ensure you receive the best cleanup possible.

Professional Customer Service

Aftermath is ready to assist families and businesses during difficult times, from the moment you call us until the very end. This means that we will continue to be at your side even after cleaning is complete. Aftermath’s customer service representatives can assist families in the claims process and work directly with insurance carriers whenever possible, supplying the necessary documentation to speed up the process. For those whose needs are not covered by insurance, Aftermath’s financial assistance program may provide financial assistance to those who qualify.

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