Crime Scene Cleanup Miami: Meet Our Newest Team

When Naaron Reed joined Aftermath’s Middletown, CT branch in May of 2014, he was looking for a job where he could feel accomplished and help others at the same time. What he found was a career – one that satisfied his criteria and then some. That’s not to say it was always easy; before his first assignment as a field tech, he had a few moments of doubt: the case involved a suicide in a bed and breakfast, but ultimately this challenging circumstance led Reed to realize that he was well-suited to the work of a biohazard technician. “Even though I knew I was prepared, I was apprehensive. But when I arrived at the scene and the reality of it set in, I felt at ease knowing that I could use my skills and training to help the customer.”

While working as a technician in Middleton, Naaron experienced several cases that stuck with him, further strengthening his commitment to the job. “There was one case of suicide where the family member had taken their own life in the living room of the home. There were young children in the home, and the adults didn’t want them to know exactly where the incident occurred. We always take care to be sure that no evidence of a trauma remains behind, but in this case, it was very clear just how traumatic it could be. It was a strong reminder of the importance behind what we do. There was also one home owner who was so grateful for the help that she insisted the crew join her for a home cooked meal.”

Fast forward to 2015

This summer, Reed packed his bags and headed south to help open the company’s new Miami Office. In addition to drinking lots of water, he’s been very busy prepping the shop for its grand opening. But building a business involves more than hanging up a sign. Aside from learning to cope with the Florida heat, the new supervisor was tasked with forming his own crew from the large pool of applicants, while stocking and supplying the new warehouse and creating a strong customer base through person-to-person marketing strategies and professional referrals.

When it came to recruitment, Reed looked for employees who possessed an eagerness to learn, a willingness to perform even the most difficult aspects of the job, plus open availability. “Area knowledge and a background or interest in law enforcement are other factors to consider,” the Miami supervisor said. Reed’s own background is in the automotive field, an industry where precision and attention to detail are highly regarded traits. These characteristics helped ensure his own success in trauma cleanup.

The Miami staff currently includes Tasheka (Tash) Davis, Kayla Joyner, and the newest team member, Johnnie Duvall. In addition to training, the crew has already had some field experience, including an unattended death and a suicide. They’ve also spent a lot of time with members of community, talking to local police and housing authorities about the business and the importance of professional crime scene cleanup. Reed proudly describes the team as “highly motivated.”

“It’s a Different Climate…”

Florida families express their gratitude in their own unique ways; instead of a home cooked meal, one customer offered the team fruit from the family’s fruit trees. “It’s a different climate here, both in terms of temperature and the types of jobs we expect to see,” said Reed. Florida’s retiree population and the hot, humid weather make tragic, difficult situations like unattended death more likely. In large cities like Miami, suicides and crime scene cleanup are also in demand.

Aftermath is always on the look out for great people like Naaron Reed. To view a list of our current job openings, check out our nationwide job board. And for expert crime scene cleanup in Miami and throughout the US, just call 877-872-4339. Technicians are available 24/7, so we’re there whenever (and wherever) you need us.