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Aftermath Spotlight: PPE for Police Officers

As “second responders,” Aftermath takes pride in providing compassionate service to families in need. In many ways, we take our cue from police officers, paramedics, and other professionals whose work and ethics we admire. Our employees come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many studied criminal justice, while others worked construction or served as a member of the military. But no matter their experience or role, there is one thing all Aftermath employees have in common: a desire to help people, and a commitment to doing a tough job the right way, the safest way, the first time around.

Aftermath Welcomes Mike Webster

Last month, Aftermath was joined by Mike Webster, who took on the role of Senior Law Enforcement Manager for Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Mike spent 16 years in law enforcement, working in Narcotics and Criminal Investigations divisions, and as a Police Chief. During his tenure as an officer, Mike was no stranger to dangerous or challenging situations. “Once I ran into a fully engulfed apartment fire and carried out 2 infants and a grandmother.” Mike received Officer of the Year, 3 life saving awards, and the Mayor’s Medal of Honor for his actions.

However, Mike’s purpose at Aftermath is to kindle fires, not help put them out: “My goal is to reignite the area’s interest in our services,” he relates. This means speaking to those on the front lines, including police and other law enforcement professionals, and fostering a better understanding of what the company does.

PPE and Why We Do What We Do

While Aftermath technicians may not be running into burning buildings or pursuing criminals, the things they do over the course of their work day can also be dangerous. It’s one of the primary reasons why we’ve become industry experts on the subject of PPE. It’s also one of the ways we are reaching out to the law enforcement community. Beyond encouraging an understanding of the role we serve as a biohazard cleanup company, we also aim to raise awareness of the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and other biohazards.

Our PPE Contest puts tools for safety into the hands of officers nationwide. The 2016 Aftermath PPE Contest runs from February 29th until March 31st, 2016. Winners are chosen at random from the entries received. Four Grand Prize winners will receive a 5.11 tactical bag, in addition to a PPE kit. 100 second prize winners will get their own PPE kit. It’s Aftermath’s way of saying thank you for what you do. This offer is valid for Law Enforcement Officials, Coroners, and Medical Examiners in the US. Official rules are available here. Submit your entry today by visiting our website and filling out the form. It’s that easy to be entered!

Make Aftermath a Part of Your Plan

If you would like more information on how to best protect yourself and your co-workers from bloodborne pathogens and other invisible health risks, consider making PPE or BBP awareness training from Aftermath a part of your preparedness plan. Call us at 877-872-4339, or visit www.aftermath.com to learn more.

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