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Aftermath Supports Local: Visiting the IDIAI Conference in Naperville

Earlier this week, Heather Tapscott, Aftermath’s Funeral Home Relations Specialist, dropped in on the 55th Annual Illinois Division of the International Association for Identification Conference (IDIAI Conference). The three day event was hosted in suburban Naperville, not far from the company’s home office.

What is the IDIAI?

According to the organization’s website, the IDIAI “is a not for profit, professional association for forensic scientists, investigators, crime scene investigators, evidence technicians, and others involved in the forensic investigation of crime….the IDIAI serves to further the profession of forensic identification and scientific crime detection by promoting research, scientific techniques, and standardization through training and communication.”

Presentations at the annual conference were chiefly made by lawyers and others involved in the prosecution of criminal cases. The Petersen case was the most famous local case discussed.  In addition to seminars, there were several vendors, including Aftermath, At the booth, Heather gave away a 5.11 tactical bag with PPE kit. The winner was Detective Josh Amann of the Waukegan Police Department.

Local Support and Nationwide Service

Though the conference was small, the IDIAI enabled Heather to reach a large portion of the event’s visitors, employed in a number of different fields. “The organizers were great, as were the attendees. It was a excellent way to connect with coroner’s office personnel and medical examiners,” Heather explained.

Aftermath is committed to assisting the professionals in law enforcement and other related fields. To learn about how biohazard cleaning affects your field of business, contact us toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 877-698-5580.

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