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Memphis Crime and Cleanup

According to a report by Cities Journal, Memphis, TN citizens have a 1 in 12 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime. Another local news source reports that murder rates were up 17% in 2014, but being the the 11th most dangerous city in the US last year is a far cry from the top slot achieved in 2007. One official credits a drop in domestic violence and property crime, but even with these reductions, Memphis residents are right to remain concerned.

What Steps Are Being Taken?

One of the biggest changes Memphis has seen in law enforcement involves the creation of the Community Outreach Program (C.O.P.), an initiative which develops community-based policing strategies with a focus on the reduction of juvenile violence. The unit was formed in 2012, and consists of approximately 60 officers and 6 supervisors who address major issues in targeted neighborhoods through a three-pronged approach involving the identification of problems and perpetrators, code and law enforcement, and public education.

Other programs, like the Memphis Gun Down anti-violence campaign, are also being credited with helping reduce the number of crimes committed. Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton hopes to end the cycle of violence with a strategized approach to improving quality of life and aiding members of the community, especially young victims of crime.

Helping Victims After the Fact

Violence prevention and intervention programs are a powerful way to stop crimes, but for many families these efforts come too late. Serious crimes such as homicide or assault can impact a family far beyond the initial incident. Police and other first responders aid in the initial investigation, but afterward, few relatives know where to turn next.

In Memphis, additional help is offered through comprehensive victim’s assistance programs like those listed in the resource section below. Furthermore, as part of the recovery process, professional crime scene cleaning can help provide a grieving family with reassurance by restoring the home to a healthy state. For cleanup assistance in or around Memphis or nationwide, call Aftermath Services 24/7 at 877-872-4339.

Important Resources for the Memphis Area

Shelby County Victims Compensation and Crime Victims Center: (901) 222-3950

Victims Support Groups

Homicide Support Program

Tennessee Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Service (TN SAVIN):(888)TN-VINE1 (868-4631)

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