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Prevent Heat Related Illnesses with Summer Safety for Seniors

National Safety Month ends this week, but Aftermath remains committed to safety all year long. Ensure your entire family stays well this season as our summer safety series continues.

With the summer months in full swing, many families are out enjoying great warm weather activities. Biking, picnics, and long days at the beach may seem relaxing, but excessive sun and heat can be dangerous, especially for older adults. As temperatures rise, so do possible health risks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports seniors are more prone to heat stress because they:

  • do not adjust well to changes in temperature
  • are likely to have chronic medical conditions that affect the body’s normal response to heat
  • may take medications that impair the body’s normal ability to regulate temperature

Lifestyle factors that contribute to the risk of overheating include:

  • housing with lack of temperature control
  • lack of transportation
  • overdressing
  • visiting overcrowded places
  • inability to respond to warm weather conditions

Prevention and Treatment of Overheating

Without treatment, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, which can damage the body’s internal organs. If you suspect someone you know is suffering from heat exhaustion, you should:

  • Encourage them to seek shelter in a cool place, preferably indoors.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of fluid. Cool water alternating with Gatorade or another source of electrolytes is best. Electrolytes help the body retain fluids and replenish the system after dehydration.
  • Help them to remove any tight or unnecessary clothing.
  • If they are physically able, encourage them to take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath.
  • Apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.

If their body temperature is high or low, or they are suffering from fainting, dizziness, vomiting, or other severe symptoms, call 911 and seek help right away. A more complete list of symptoms is available here.

Some communities have cooling centers, while others sponsor programs to help seniors afford air conditioners and fans. Your local municipality may maintain a list of these services online, or you can contact your police non-emergency number.

Aftermath: a Pillar of Safety

As a biohazard cleaning company, one of Aftermath’s central pillars is safety. To reflect this, each of our employees are educated on numerous topics that impact the health and safety of both our clients and their co-workers. For more information on how to prevent work-related heat stress, check out this article on our blog.

Aftermath crews provide discreet, compassionate cleaning services to families and businesses who are facing unimaginable circumstances. While you gear up for some time out of the office, our technicians remain available 24/7 nationwide.

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