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Biohazard Remediation Educational Articles

Check back to this page frequently, as we will be adding more long-form articles here. We also have a great crime scene cleanup blog with infographics, news, statistics and fun things to share.


Cleaning Infectious Disease

Every infectious disease case is a biohazard situation, and every biohazard situation has the potential to put a remediation professional at risk of an infectious disease. Find out how these cases are handled during cleanup. (Must create free account with Restoration and Remediation Magazine to read full article). Read more…


Help for Hoarding

Hoarding isn’t usually associated with crime scene cleanup, but it’s still a biohazard – particularly in the case of animal hoarders or an unattended death in a hoarder home. But what causes it? And how can you help a hoarder? Read more…


It’s Not “Just Blood” – It’s a Biohazard!

What’s in blood? Potentially, a great deal of risk for anyone in the vicinity of a biohazard or blood spill. Take an in-depth look at the potential infection and other hazards that make up the daily life of a crime scene cleaner. Read more…


What Bio-Remediation Professionals Can Learn From the Ebola Outbreak

The chance of an Ebola outbreak occurring in the United States is slim, but it’s still a good reminder for biohazard professionals on the importance of properly managing situations where bacteria and viruses are likely to be a risk. (Must create free account with Restoration and Remediation Magazine to read full article). Read more…

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