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Biohazard Removal for Government & Military Customers

Aftermath is proud to provide biohazard remediation and removal services to government and military organizations nationwide, either as a direct contractor or subcontractor. We support all types of programs, including construction, transportation, healthcare and emergency trauma. For non-military government locations, we also provide crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal in the event of an unattended death or decomposition.

According to OSHA any item contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials, such as bodily fluids, is considered regulated waste. These wastes must be enclosed in red bags or color-coded leak-proof containers labeled with the biohazard symbol, and taken to a licensed medical waste disposal facility.

Hire a professional biohazard removal company

Recent statistics indicate that a veteran commits suicide every hour, often on a military base or property. There is also an ongoing need for blood cleanup in the event of training or transportation accidents, as well as proactive sanitizing for blood-borne diseases such as MRSA, C-difficile, HIV and Hepatitis. As a result, more and more government entities are proactively contracting with a professional biohazard removal company like Aftermath to clean up and dispose of regulated waste and help them restore safety fast.

Aftermath follows all the relevant rules and regulations for biohazard removal, including:

  • Provide ongoing OSHA, medical waste handling/transporting, and process training for employees. (OSHA-29 CFR 1910.1030(g)(2) et seq. and EPA-40 CFR 745.80 Subpart E)
  • Biohazard placarding on vehicles. (DOT-49 CFR Part 172, Subpart D)
  • Medical waste transporter license.
  • Contracts with licensed medical waste disposal companies.
  • Meets requirements for packaging, handling, transporting, and reporting of regulated medical waste. (DOT-49 CFR Part 173, Subpart E and 49 CFR Part 173.6 Subpart A and state environmental agency regulations)

Our customers include all branches of the military, law enforcement agencies, housing authorities, jails and medical examination facilities. We are known for speed and discretion, as well as having the highest possible standards of quality for biohazard safety protocols.

Contact us today for biohazard removal services (no obligation estimates are provided), or engage us before tragedy strikes to set up an ongoing discount program for your agency.

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