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Aftermath: Making an Impact

At Aftermath, we are committed to providing active leadership and support to the communities we serve. Corporate contributions are one of the many ways Aftermath fosters a caring spirit while helping families in crisis. From charitable financial donations to local sponsorships, scholarships and volunteering, Aftermath is involved in a variety of valued efforts nationwide.

We at Aftermath value the service of the everyday, unsung heroes we are fortunate to meet in the course of our work. In recognition of their dedication, we honor them and our community through safety and awareness programs, educational materials and community support.

Safety and Awareness

We aim to increase awareness of the biohazard remediation industry through educational seminars and presentation, the distribution of training materials, and giveaways. Working in an industry such as ours, safety is a top priority in providing excellent service and ensuring professionalism for the families and businesses with whom we work.


As leaders in the industry, we value educating the public about the best practices and processes in our industry, paving the way for future leaders through scholarships and informing industry enthusiasts by staying current through upcoming conferences, tradeshows and awareness programs.

Community Support

At Aftermath, we value compassion and professionalism in our daily jobs. This extends outside the homes of the families we work with and into the community. Our employees demonstrate company values through their personal volunteerism, tirelessly contributing their energies to an array of causes.

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