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Trauma Cleaning is Our Specialty

Aftermath offers professional crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, trauma cleaning, tear gas removal, and unattended death cleanup to homeowners, property managers, commercial companies, military/government and housing authorities. Our services are typically referred by law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and restoration companies.

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  • Homicide & Suicide Cleanup

    If you’ve had a homicide, suicide or other serious blood spill in your home, we know it's an…

  • Hoarder Cleaning

    Aftermath has been helping families and friends recover properties from neglect for over 15 years…

  • Unattended Death

    One of the most challenging situations we face as death cleaning specialists is the…

  • Biohazard Remediation & Removal

    What’s the difference between crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation? Not much – they are…

  • Blood Cleaning

    We are often asked, “When should we call Aftermath in a blood spill situation?”…

  • Vehicle Blood & Bio Remediation

    When would you call a professional crime scene cleaning company to clean blood out of a car? When it's…

  • Industrial Accidents

    National and local companies trust Aftermath for biohazard remediation services, to help…

  • Decontaminating Communicable Disease

    Some of the worst viruses infect human blood & biological materials, including MRSA, C-difficile, HIV…

  • Tear Gas Removal

    One of the most daunting cleanup tasks experienced by professional remediation companies like Aftermath is a tear gas cleanup.

Aftermath was founded in 1996 by two childhood friends deciding to help a neighbor whose spouse had committed suicide, and their mission remains the same today. The field of biohazard remediation—otherwise known as crime scene cleanup or trauma cleanup—is highly competitive, but few companies can rival Aftermath for quality and service levels across any type of situation.

Discretion and compassion are our hallmarks: We have remediated some of the worst situations imaginable, from mass casualty to personal tragedy, and we honestly care about our customers and their well-being.

Trauma cleanup and biohazard remediation

Most people have never encountered a traumatic situation of this type, and are certainly not prepared for it. Please take time to read our information about Payment Options and FAQs. It can be expensive to properly remediate a biohazard, but we want you to have the best possible service and a fully sanitized and safe outcome, rather than cutting corners.

Trauma cleaning involves removing or sanitizing any object that has been contaminated with blood or bodily fluids, in order to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens, such as MRSA, HIV or E.coli. Aftermath uses proprietary cleaning solutions and practices to ensure that every trace of blood has been remediated.

Federal, state and local guidelines govern a large portion of the activities we do, and Aftermath has a full-time compliance department to ensure that we are meeting the criteria in each city we service for crime scene cleanup and trauma cleanup.

If you are facing an accidental death, blood spill, or other trauma cleanup, Aftermath’s crime scene cleanup teams are ready to remediate your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aftermath is the #1 national trauma cleanup specialist, recommended most by law enforcement, funeral homes and restoration companies

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