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Cleaning Blood Spills for Major Trauma and Accident Blood Spills

We are often asked, “When should we call Aftermath for cleaning blood spill clean up?” We have a standard rule of thumb we offer: if it’s smaller than a plate, a person can perform blood spill clean up themselves if they are wearing proper protective equipment and using legally approved disposal methods.

cleaning blood spills

If it’s in a commercial or industrial setting, there are additional employee protection guidelines which require the person to have been trained in bloodborne pathogens, safety equipment (PPE) and hazardous communications protocols in order to perform proper blood spill clean up. Cordon off the area and restrict it from access until all materials have been removed or cleaned and fully sanitized.
If it’s bigger than a plate, call Aftermath.

We are typically called in for cleaning blood spills and trauma situations that are larger-scale such as industrial accidents, homicide/suicide, active shooter (mass trauma), medical situations such as gastrointestinal bleeding, and transportation accidents. All we do is blood spill clean up and biohazard removal. Unlike a typical general purpose cleaning company or carpet cleaning company, we approach biohazard remediation and cleaning blood spills with a full scientific process to contain, decontaminate and remediate fully all potential bloodborne pathogens and visible blood stains from homes and property. It’s the first step in helping to restore a home to normalcy, removing traumatic evidence and eradicating future damage from untreated bio.

Sorry, We Don’t Clean Blood Out of Carpets

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually “clean” blood from carpet or other porous materials – at least not to a level that we would consider sanitized. In fact, many standard carpet cleaning companies will not clean blood because of the potential contamination of their equipment and cross contamination to other homes.

We will remove blood spills via a combination of meticulous cleaning, structural remediation, biohazard removal (we’ll cut away affected carpet and flooring and remove them via legal medical waste transportation), and surface sanitization of affected and adjacent areas. When we finish, the cleaned areas are tested for 100% sanitization levels to ensure no bio is left to cause damage or odor.

blood spill clean up

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