Meet Ken Rosa, Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations in New England

Last week, Aftermath proudly announced the addition of Ken Rosa to the Aftermath team. Ken will join the company as the Senior Manager in charge of regional development in the Northeast. His territory includes large metropolitan areas such as Boston and Providence. With a strong background in law enforcement, Ken hopes to introduce the company’s unique mission to police and other agencies, in an effort to provide additional support and assistance to grieving families. Read on to learn more:

Not Exactly A Rookie

Ken has spent the last 28 years with the East Hartford Police Department in Connecticut. Technically, he has yet to retire – his work with Aftermath and the last few weeks of his former position overlap! During his tenure in law enforcement, Ken has occupied various roles in crime scene detail, community policing, patrol, and administration. More recently he served in the detective division as Sergeant and Lieutenant; his retirement becomes official next month.

Ken first became aware of Aftermath a few years ago. When it came time to think about retirement, he decided to look into the company. Like many career law enforcement agents, the idea of retiring completely did not appeal to him. But Ken wanted a second career, not just a new job: “I wanted something interesting and stimulating, not just something to pass the time. When I learned about Senior Management position with Aftermath, I felt that the job was perfectly suited to me. I was very surprised the role wasn’t filled yet, as it’s perfect for a former police officer. It’s a great way to get the word out there.”

In addition to his experience in law enforcement, Ken’s familiarity with the east coast is also a boon to the company. He was born in Windsor Locks, CT and has spent his entire life in New England. He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice from Western New England College in Springfield, MA and received his masters in public administration from Marist College in New York. He also studied forensics under the well-known Henry Lee at the University of New Haven.

Building Foundations for Families

Ken’s first few weeks on the job have been spent learning the ins and out of the company and his new role, and consulting with Stephen Brown, National Director of Business Development, about a plan of approach. “Connecticut is a major area of focus,” Ken relates. “There are many large cities and urban areas in New England – Hartford, Springfield, Boston, Providence. There are no true sheriffs departments in much of the Northeast. It’s all municipal and local departments. I’ll also be reaching out to the state police and medical examiners. It’s a brotherhood (and sisterhood) and we trust each other. I want to use my experience to build those relationships.”

Though he was familiar with crime scene cleanup before joining Aftermath, Ken contends that it was only in recent years that the concept became widespread: “I remember during my time as a police officer, working the scene of a suicide. The situation was pretty straightforward, but as I prepared to leave the home, the man’s mother approached me. She asked who was responsible for cleaning up the death scene. At the time, I had never heard of crime scene cleaners like Aftermath. It was hard to admit, but at that time I did not have a ready answer for her. It’s my aim to provide that answer to other members of law enforcement who find themselves in a similar situation. It’s just one more way we can help someone in a difficult circumstance.”

Maybe a Little Relaxation After All

Ken spends his free time working in the field of education. He teaches classes on forensics and criminal justice with several online universities and community colleges. Happily married, Ken’s wife is a detective with the Manchester Police Department. They have two children. Ken describes his family as “…very close knit. We love to travel together, something that’s probably unusual for families with teens or young adults. We enjoy going on cruises, and visiting places like Mexico and the islands.” This summer, the family is planning their first big trip to Europe.

If you would like to learn more about Aftermath’s relationship with law enforcement, including special events like our PPE Giveaway and Annual K9 Competition, please visit our website. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, you may also request brochures and other free materials with this online form.