Aftermath Supports Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is Wednesday February 17th. On this day, groups, businesses, and individuals are invited to simply be nice to one another. You can’t fail at being kind; in fact, it can leave you feeling good yourself when you write a thank you note or buy a cup of coffee for a stranger.

At Aftermath, we understand that sometimes it’s the little things that count. After all, it’s why we’re in the business of crime scene cleanup. We recognize it is a difficult and often unpleasant job; our technicians work long hours, often sacrificing family and leisure time in order to help others during their time of need. In the spirit of the unofficial holiday, we invite you to consider these stories of kindness in the hopes that they inspire you to make someone’s day better, too.

Police Respond to Call About Kids Playing Ball in the Street…and Join Them

Last month, Police received a call about kids playing a game of basketball in the street. The caller complained the kids were being “loud.” It was only 5pm, but Officer White was dispatched to the small neighborhood to investigate. After assessing the situation for any danger or nuisance, he did what any socially responsible person would do…he joined in the game. And apparently this is a regular occurrence for the officer, who once asked his department for funds to keep basketballs and footballs in the patrol room so they could be given to kids who needed something to do.

On a return trip days later, Officer White brought his own team, including famous basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. The video ends with a message from GPD: “So if you call GPD to complain about kids being kids, this is how Officer White is going to handle it. We’re going to let kids be kids. We are going to focus on the ones that commit crimes. #HoopsNotCrime” The original video can be viewed on the department’s Facebook page.

Soldier Buys Lunch for Two Hard Working Young Men

Acts of kindness don’t have to be grand in order to be significant. Army Ranger Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, 45, was at a Taco Bell for dinner one night when two young boys approached him, looking to sell baked goods for their church. According to Risdon, they had just come out of the cold and looked like they were hungry. The video, captured by a friend, has since gone viral with over 1 million views. Risdon relates that he doesn’t feel the action is worthy of accolades. He says: “A lot of Americans would have done what I did, but I just happened to be there at the right time.” A short article about the encounter, as well as the video, are viewable here.

Crime Scene Cleanup Company Gives Grant to Food Pantry

In 2015, Aftermath created the Aftermath Community Matters Campaign to draw attention to the many great causes supported by our associates and customers in the areas where we live and work. The winner, Detective James Murray of the Spencer, Massachusetts Police Department, nominated the Mary Queen of the Rosary Food Pantry as recipient of the $2500 prize. The pantry is a non-denominational food pantry located in the basement of the Mary Queen of the Rosary Church in Spencer, Massachusetts. You can read more about the giveaway and the charity on our blog posts here and here.

We’re Here When You Need Us…

Along with annual contests like the PPE Giveaway, Scholarship Grants, and K9 Drawing, there are many things Aftermath does to try to make things better for the communities where we live and work. We also look to be inspired by other “everyday heroes” – the teachers, police officers, paramedics, and soldiers who are our clients and our co-workers. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate tomorrow’s event, think about some of the everyday heroes in your life and find a way to make their day a little brighter. And remember, whenever you’re in need of a specialized and compassionate biohazard cleaning company, our technicians are on call 24/7 to help restore your home or place of business to a safe, clean state. Call us anytime, nationwide, at 877-872-4339.