What Can Go Wrong? The Dangers of Improper Crime Scene Clean Up

What can go wrong? Aftermath Services Reviews the Dangers of Improper Crime Scene Clean Up

Following a traumatic death or crime, the last thing a victim, friend or family member wants to think about is the blood cleanup process. Of course it must be done quickly, but a job that isn’t done thoroughly and to the highest safety standard can lead to significant consequences.

Paul Varhola understands how improper crime scene clean up can lead to further pain and frustration.

A Tragic Incident Leads to Greater Difficulty with Improper Crime Clean Up

In February 2008, Hersie Wesson broke into the home of Paul Varhola’s parents and stabbed Emil Varhola, an 81-year-old veteran of World War II, to death. The Akron Beacon Journal reported that Mary Varhola came around the corner upon hearing her husband’s screams and was brutally attacked. Any seven of the 24 stab wounds to her body could have been fatal, according to doctors.

According to the news source, Mary was stabbed in the heart, the kidneys, the liver – ”Every vital organ she had, she was stabbed in,” said her son, Paul. ”And she lived.”

Undoubtedly, standing in the house where your father was murdered and your mother was severally wounded would be incredibly difficult. But when the crime scene cleaners who were recommended by your insurance company didn’t do the job right – the situation becomes even more harrowing. The news source reported that 18 months after the horrific incident, you could distinctly smell the harsh chemicals used to clean the kitchen.

”It bites your tongue,” Paul told the news source. ”It will give you a skin rash after a while, and it will give you a headache.”

Akron police and the Victim Assistance Program recommended one company, but the Varholas’ insurance agent insisted on using a different biohazard cleaning company. After two cleaning attempts the home was still not livable. The remaining chemical presence in the home has health risks and will most likely negatively impact the value of the property on the market place.

In cases like this, it’s not uncommon for lawsuits to result targeting the insurance company or firm recommended by the business. Homeowners already suffering from the aftermath of a crime or death are put under greater pressure when the biohazard clean up company they hired to take care of their home fails to properly sanitize the scene or return it to livable conditions.

Hiring Experienced, Professional Crime Scene Cleaners

The team of professionals with Aftermath lift the burden of responsibility concerning proper biohazard clean up. Aftermath cleaning and biohazard removal experts provide highly specialized services that comply with all federal, state and local laws, and they utilize proprietary cleaning agents that were specifically developed for this kind of work. Biohazard remediation services have an impact on individual safety, the public health, employee safety and the environment.

As a result, it’s Aftermath’s directive to ensure complete compliance with laws and regulations pertinent to effective and efficient biohazard removal for the safety of everyone. The Illinois-based crime scene clean up company has assisted hundreds of families across the nation following a traumatic experience. Aftermath cares about providing a compassionate, complete service to those who are suffering.