Hey Houston! Have a Problem? Call a Biohazard Cleanup Company!

This spring, Texas was the focus of widespread storms and other dangerous weather conditions. The situation is finally beginning to ease up, but for the families affected, the difficult task of rebuilding their lives and homes has only just begun. In these situations, the first person to call after the emergency has past is likely your insurance agent. The claims process involves several steps, not the least of which involves cleaning up your property. If you’re like many Americans, the choice of what restoration company you use may be left up to you.

It is much the same when you suffer a traumatic incident, such as a suicide or accidental injury, in your home. If it’s more than a few drops of blood, the question of safety remains an important one. A first responder may provide you with recommendations on what to do next – victims services, grief counseling, etc. – but many times the task of cleanup is left up to the family. In most cases, the idea of hiring a professional biohazard cleaning company doesn’t come up once. However, in situations where the need or notion arises, it is important to understand the difference between biohazard cleanup services and remediation.

Part of Aftermath’s mission is educating first responders, insurance adjusters, and other professionals about the importance of quality biohazard cleanup. Furthermore, by better understanding the difference between biohazard companies and restoration firms, you can make an education decision about what type of help to seek when experiencing a challenging situation. Read on to learn more about the two industries and their individual characteristics:

What Do Biohazard Cleanup Companies Do?

Professional crime scene cleaners like Aftermath Services only focus on doing specific types of jobs. This allows technicians to better handle the unique circumstances that arise in these cases. Some large firms may offer biohazard cleanup assistance, but their techniques mimic the same processes used in other forms of cleanup. In circumstances that involve blood or bio, this isn’t always enough to fully treat the problem. Aftermath technicians are specially trained to handle certain situations, including the following: homicide cleanup, blood cleanup, accident cleanup, decomposition, unattended death cleanup, hoarding, and communicable disease.

What is the Difference Between a Restoration Company and a Biohazard Cleanup Company?

Much like biohazard companies, restoration firms specialize in returning your home to a safe, livable state. However, restoration companies handle damages caused by nature, including fire, floods, sewage backup, and other natural disasters. Similarly, a restoration firm will typically clean or remove all contaminated surfaces and dispose of them properly. The two types of companies also share a common goal: to preserve and protect the home and its contents so that the home is safe for occupants and further damage will not occur. Restoration Companies do not repair your home unless they are licensed to do home improvements.

Aftermath Partners to Help Families Nationwide

To serve you better, Aftermath partners with restoration companies like Restoration Coalition to bring you full If you own or work for a restoration company and would like more information on becoming a partner, visit our partner webpage for additional information.

Remember: no matter where you are, our trained technicians are just a phone call away. Aftermath provides professional biohazard and crime scene cleanup services in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area from our headquarters located just north of the Sam Houston Tollway and west of I-45. If you are looking for a biohazard cleanup company in Texas or nationwide, contact us 24/7 at 877-872-4339.