Aftermath Visits the 2016 CHIA Conference in Las Vegas

They say what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, but last week Aftermath Services proudly attended the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) Conference at the Palms Resort and Casino – and we’re not afraid to talk about it! Represented by Stephen Brown (National Director of Business Development) and Tony Cusinato (Sr. Manager, Law Enforcement Relations), this is a show Aftermath has attended for several years running. The atmosphere surrounding the show is always overwhelmingly positive and receptive; the organizers do a fantastic job and there is plenty sharing of best practices between the vendors and attendees.

Helpful Questions, Straightforward Answers

Stephen and Tony reported that they received a lot of questions about cleaning jail cells or outside areas owned by city governments. Stephen says: “We let everyone know that we can do those types of cleanings, but what differentiates us is that our primary focus is on helping families that have had a traumatic experience such as a homicide, suicide or unattended death in their home.” Aftermath offices are located in both northern and southern California, enabling quick and expedient dispatch and service. Estimates come with no obligation, and Aftermath can often can help families file a claim through their homeowners insurance to limit their out of pocket expense while properly remediating a biohazardous situation.

It’s All About the Giveaways!

There’s always a lot to do in Vegas, and while attendees were not at the conference, many took advantage of the fine restaurants and nightly shows. That’s not to say that the conference itself wasn’t lively – attendees at CHIA are very interactive with the vendors and spend time getting to know the services available to them. Over the week, Stephen and Tony met several past winners of our PPE giveaway contest (at least a dozen) and they all had very positive things to say. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of them had to use the kits in the line of their work and were very appreciative of having them. Talking about first-hand experiences and the benefits of PPE encouraged others to enter the March PPE Contest.

Aftermath also gave away a Kindle Fire at the conference This time, the happy winner was Jean Levano from the Alameda County DA’s Office.

Nationwide, Support is Just A Phone Call Away

Aftermath is a proud supporter of law enforcement nationwide. We regularly sponsor contests, giveaways, and police charities to show our appreciation of the hard work performed by police officers every day. We also also attend events and conferences to showcase our services, better enabling you to protect yourself and the community. If you are a member of law enforcement, check out our page for professionals to discover how we can assist you further. If you require biohazard cleaning for jail cells, squad cars, or other government property, call us at 877-872-4339.