Aftermath Visits the Washington Coroners and Medical Examiners Conference

aftermath conference attendance 2017

Last week, Aftermath attended the Washington Coroners and Medical Examiners Conference in Walla Walla, Washington. Although the acronym, WACME, is as funny sounding as the town it was hosted in, Aftermath Services has proudly supported the Conference for three years running. Returning to Washington for a second time this month were Stephen Brown, National Director of Business Development, and Jeremy Friedrich, Senior Manager of Funeral Home Relations.

The conference was lively and the Aftermath team said that the attendees very welcoming. According to Jeremy, conference goers came from all across the state of Washington. “They see their colleagues about once a year,” he reported. “This means the excitement is high and there is much to talk about.”

Questions from the Conference

Having much to talk about included learning a little about Aftermath Services. Jeremy explains: “Since we are on the eastern part of the state, their main questions were about our response time. We informed them that we are able to respond within a few hours of being dispatched.” Aftermath offices are strategically located nationwide, in order to service wider areas in a short amount of time.

Another common question asked was what separates Aftermath from the other companies. “We have been servicing families for over 20 years,” Jeremy commented. “We are a dedicated provider of restoration and trauma cleanup services. We accept many forms of homeowners insurance and provide a no obligation estimate to all of our clients. Furthermore, all work comes backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.” With an answer like that, it’s easy to imagine that the attendees Jeremy spoke to were impressed with our offerings!

Extra Curriculars

In addition to networking with new contacts, the team was also able to catch up with several who had already used our services. “A couple of the coroners put families in touch with us, and they were curious about how it went. We were happy to report that all services were completed without any complicating factors. In fact, one client in particular was really pleased with Aftermath, and wrote us to let us know. The coroners were glad to hear that we took care of the families.” The Aftermath team also raffled off a Kindle Fire, and passed out travel mugs and water bottles, as well as magnets, pens, and other company merchandise.

On Monday, Jeremy and Stephen spent some time away from the booth, and learned how to scan an area for human remains and how to handle them when they were found. On Tuesday, they had the chance to practice what they learned in the field. In addition to educational events and networking, each night of the conference attendees were treated to dinners, activities, and additional networking opportunities. On Wednesday, they even took a tour of the maximum security prison located in Walla Walla.

All told, it was yet another successful spring conference, and we’re already looking forward to doing it again next year!

Aftermath In Your Community

As always, Aftermath is a proud supporter of law enforcement, coroners, and medical examiners nationwide. We regularly sponsor contests like the Gear Up Sweepstakes and K9 Contest, to show our appreciation for the hard work they perform day in and day out. We also routinely attende events and conferences like WACME to showcase how our services can assist them in their mission to provide aid for their communities. If you are a member of law enforcement, check out our page for professionals to discover how we help your department. We look forward to meeting you this convention season!