Aftermath visits the 11th Annual MAGLOCLEN MARGIN Training Conference

On March 5th through the 8th, Aftermath had an opportunity to visit the MAGLOCLEN MARGIN Training Conference in Annapolis. The event was held in partnership with the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland, American Military University, and MAGLOCLEN, the Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network. Though Aftermath has previously supported the conference in several forms, it was the first year we attended as Aftermath Services. Mike Webster, Aftermath’s Senior Law Enforcement Manager for Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, attended.

What is MARGIN?

MARGIN stands for Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network. The history of the organization goes back to 1992. The group’s website states that it began as “an informal group of gang investigators representing seven law enforcement agencies from throughout the Washington Metropolitan area started exchanging information. The investigators soon recognized that gangs were proliferating throughout the area, that working street gangs was complex, and that the need to share gang information was mandatory. The investigators named the group the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area Regional Gang Investigators Network (MARGIN) and met on a monthly basis to exchange information on current investigations, gang structure, membership, the crime associated with their activities, and new trends and patterns.”

A Busy Conference in Annapolis

The training conference focused heavily on the topic of gangs and gang violence. Additionally, attendees who were already members of a recognized Gang Investigators Association had the opportunity to become a certified Gang Specialist. According to the conference website,  “the Gang Specialist Program was created and designed to recognize a standard of professional competency in the specialized area of criminal street gangs that will enhance officer and overall public safety. As a designated Gang Specialist, you will have a thorough understanding of criminal street gangs, the mandatory nature of sharing relevant gang information and play a more vital role than ever in combating this malady on our society.”

Over 200 attendees passed through the vendor hall during the three day event, and many stopped to speak to Mike about Aftermath. Questions included inquiries about response time, locations, and hours of operation (we’re 24/7 nationwide!). Officers were also invited to enter a drawing for a 5.11 Tactical Bag and PPE kit, just likes the ones we are giving away during this month’s Spring PPE Giveaway. The winner was Administrative Sergeant Roger Rice of the Department of Juvenile Services.

About Aftermath

The MAGLOCLEN MARGIN Training Conference is just one of many law enforcement conferences Aftermath has visited this year. There are many more to come, so be sure to keep an eye on the Aftermath Twitter for updates on where we’ll be next!

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