Aftermath Arizona Visits the Arizona Homicide Investigators Association Conference

Last week, Aftermath had an opportunity to attend an exciting conference in the Grand Canyon State. The Arizona Homicide Investigators Association (AHIA for short) held its annual training event at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to the yearly event, AHIA also offers quarterly training on subjects of interest to members of law enforcement.

Though the association is in its 35th year, this marked the first time that Aftermath attended the conference. Rolando Barrientez, Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, represented the company throughout the week long event.

With over 20 years of public service experience, Rolando was able to provide investigators with an introduction to Aftermath and educate them on the importance of professional biohazard cleanup. “The investigators were professional and asked important questions about the services we provide,” Rolando said. Some of the most common inquiries included questions about our locations, general contact information, the payment process, and the range and scope of services.

Meeting the Officers

Rolando noted that the AHIA staff were great and the attendees were very interested and attentive to all the vendors. “I met a lot of the investigators one-on-one,” Rolando reported. “They are the ones who “speak for the dead” as they investigate cases of homicide. It’s a necessary and yet very stressful role, and it was a pleasure to meet so many who provide this service to the community.”

In between the guest speakers, training, and symposiums, guests at the AHIA conference could indulge in typical Las Vegas style. Though they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we can guess this means many took advantage of exciting entertainment options, as well as spectacular restaurants and, of course, a bit of gambling. Not to be outdone, Aftermath got into the spirit by giving away a 5.11 Bail Out Tactical Bag and PPE kit. The winner was Detective Mike Baldwin of the Surprise Police Department.

The next AHIA conference will be held in October 2017. Are you planning on attending? If so, we hope to see you there!

How Can We Help You?

The Grand Canyon State is Aftermath’s newest home, but whether you’re in Arizona or elsewhere, we’re proud to be service to you and your community. Our nationwide network of offices are strategically located to provide the highest quality services available, including rapid response time, compassionate and knowledgeable technicians, and full scale professional treatment of your home or place of business. For 24/7 assistance or information, please call our nationwide number at 877-698-5517.