The Homicide Investigators of Texas Conference is a Big HIT with Aftermath

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the welcome! Attentive organizers and plenty of face time with attendees is what makes the Homicide Investigators of Texas (HIT) Conference a regular event on Aftermath’s schedule. This year’s conference was attended by Rolando Barrientez, Aftermath’s Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations in the south. The three-day event was held March 20th-23rd in Alamo City, near the historic Riverwalk area of San Antonio.

Big Exposure

Investigators joined in on professional training sessions and listened as guest speakers addressed topics of concern. All told, only 8 vendors were featured at the event. But this small number meant big exposure. Visitors felt no need to rush as they asked their questions and met with representatives from several companies. Rolando relates: “One of the best parts about this conference was having the chance to learn from the attendees just as they learned from me. Among other things, I learned about how departments handle providing information to families who are dealing with the traumatic situations. It was very informative overall.”

Many H.I.T. attendees had  heard of Aftermath before; some even mentioned that they had referred families to the company in the past.  “I had several people tell me or show me how they have AMS number already saved into their phones for easy access to give to the families. Many were happy to learn that there are now 5 Texas based teams readily available to deploy out and travel the state to assist the families. We cover the whole state.”

Big Heart

Attendees also discovered more about the compassionate care Aftermath demonstrates for it’s clients.  “A CM who is assigned to a family is available even after hours via phone, and when the team arrives on the job, all of the members of the crew are present to meet the family.  Those who know someone who has used our services are happy to let us know the families appreciated our professionalism as well as the service we provided.”

While visiting with the officers, Rolando passed out water bottles, pens, note pads,  magnets and brochures. He also gave away a set of PPE and a 5.11 Tactical Bag. The winner of the prize was Jack McGuinn of the Wise County District Attorney’s Office.

A Big Thank You To HIT

At the end of the event, Rolando expressed his gratitude to the attendees, organizers, and other vendors: “Overall, it was a great conference. The organizers gave each vendor an opportunity to get in front of the attendees and address them directly, inviting them to the booths. Attendees were engaged and asked lots of questions, and other vendors shared great information about their own offerings as well as conference experiences.”

From Wisconsin to Texas, Aftermath is proud to support law enforcement across the US. If you are a member of law enforcement, we would loved to stay connected with you, too! If you can’t find us at a local conference, keep track of us online. Join us on our Aftermath Cares Facebook, a community designed with our first responder audience in mind, or follow us on Twitter @aftermath90.