Aftermath Attends the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Summit

Perhaps it was the Luck of the Irish that we had so many great conferences to visit last week. Also lucky for us was that at least one of them was close to home!

The 2017 Illinois Law Enforcement Training Summit (LETC) was hosted March 15 through 16th at the Decatur Conference Center in Decatur, Illinois. Tony Cusinato, Aftermath’s Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, was the fortunate one who attended the two day event. Over 130 law enforcement agents from the throughout the state participated in the seminar.

At the Conference

According to Tony, the overall reception was positive. Many of the attendees had already heard of the company and some had even utilized the service at some point. “Most officers were curious about our location and response time,” Tony reported. “They also expressed concern about the families and wanted to understand how we work with insurance companies.”

In the vendor hall, there were plenty of opportunities to network and even win some great prizes. Chief Mike Hubbard of the East St Louis Police Department won a 5-11 tactical bag and PPE kit from Aftermath, and the donated door price was won by Chief Shane Hunt from Beardstown PD. In the evening, guests took a shuttle downtown to enjoy dinner. Afterward, they returned to the conference center for a social hour, with entertainment provided by comedian Dobie Maxwell.

Aftermath Serves the Community

Aftermath is looking forward to providing additional assistance to the Southern Illinois area in the next year. Tony would like to extend a special thanks to Chief Dan Ryan of the Leland Grove PD and the other board members of LETAC’s MTU #10.  Their dedication, and the generous assistance of donors, made the conference much more affordable for attendees, many of whom come from small departments with limited budgets.

Over the next few weeks, Aftermath will be attending conferences in cities throughout the US, including North Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Texas. If you spot one of our booths be sure to stop by and say hello! In addition to learning more about professional crime scene cleaning, you can also enter to win one of our 5.11 Tactical bags with PPE kit – or, if you miss us at your local conference, visit our Spring PPE Giveaway Page! You can enter every day until 4/1 for your chance to win one of 250 prizes!