Q&A with Chief Marc Duphily, Winner of the 2016 Backing the Blue Giveaway

At Aftermath, we are proud to show support for our nation’s law enforcement. We routinely offer education and informational sessions on topics that concern police and other first responders, including PPE and bloodborne pathogen safety. From time to time we also sponsor contests such as our Annual K9 Drawing, as well as last month’s Backing the Blue Giveaway. The contest awarded one New England area police department with a $500 supply of life saving QuikClot kits. The winner of this year’s contest was Chief Marc Duphily of the Carver Police Department in Massachusetts.

Last week, Aftermath Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, Kristin McKenna, had the opportunity to speak with Chief Duphily and ask him a few questions regarding his department’s efforts to help assist families in New England. Read on to learn more about Chief Duphily and his team of dedicated officers:

Tell us a bit about your department. What communities do you serve?

Carver Police Department is made up of 17 sworn officers.  We serve the citizens of the Town of Carver, which has a population of 11,500 people.  Carver is mostly residential and agricultural (Cranberries are the main harvest), with some light industrial businesses.  We also have Edaville Railroad and King Richard’s Faire, both of which attract many visitors to the town.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been with the force and what roles have you served in?

I have been a police officer for slightly over 21 years.  My fist 8 years was with the New Bedford Police Department.  In 2002, I transferred to the Carver Police Department where I have worked as a patrolman, Sergeant, Administrative Sergeant and now Chief.  I have been Chief for 3 years. Additionally, I serve on the SEMLEC SWAT Team, a regional team comprised of officers from 39 surrounding communities.

Did you know about Aftermath before the Giveaway? Has your department ever used or referred our services?

Yes, we have always been supplied with your literature by your regional rep, Kristin McKenna.  We have passed that info along to citizens who may be in need of your services.

Officers are trained to respond in all sorts of emergencies. After the initial situation is handled, what kinds of resources or questions do families usually ask about? How do you point them in the right direction? 

Families who have experienced emergencies and tragedies have many questions.  Once the initial shock wears off, they realize that someone must put things back together and it usually cannot be the actual family members.  As far as cleanup from an emergency or tragedy, we have passed along information regarding Aftermath’s services in order to help those families.

How do you think the QuikClot kits will help your department? Have you used them before?

In today’s day and age with all the violence being committed against our police officers, we need to supply them with the best personal protection equipment available.  The QuickClot kits represent an excellent safety device to help an officer survive a traumatic injury.  Each member of the regional SWAT team has a kit and it is only right that our patrol officers have access to the same kits.  Thankfully, we have no stories of the kits being used and we hope it stays that way, but better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

What are some of the biggest challenges you feel you face in your community? How does your department face those challenges?  

Currently the largest challenge we as a community are facing is the opioid epidemic.  As a small community, Carver has faced a staggering number of overdoses related to that epidemic.  We have lost far too many young people to this poison.  We are dealing with it by attacking it on many fronts.  Each day our officers work to arrest the people selling the poison, while our school resource officer works with our youth to help them make good life choices and hopefully avoid trying drugs and we have also partnered with two neighboring communities (Plymouth and Middleborough), local hospitals and substance abuse treatment centers to offer help to those suffering from addiction as well as their families.

Do you have any personal stories you can share about times where you or your fellow officers have gone beyond the normal scope of your work to make sure a family was taken care of following a crisis?

Our offices are true professionals who genuinely care about the citizens that they are charged with protecting so all situations are treated as if those involved were family members.

Aftermath Services for Law Enforcement

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