Visiting the Tennessee Chiefs of Police Mid-Year Vendor Expo

Last week, the Tennessee Chiefs of Police (TACP) hosted their Mid-Year Vendor Expo in Nashville. The event encouraged chiefs and other law enforcement to get familiar with service providers in the region. Following the event, Stephen Brown, Aftermath’s National Director of Business Development, had this to say: “We experienced such a great reception at the TACP annual conference last year that we decided to give this one-day event a try. I am glad we did.”

Helping Families Nationwide

Over the course of the day, more than 100 Chiefs, Lieutenants, and other law enforcement personnel stopped by the Aftermath booth to speak with Steve about the benefits of trauma cleanup. Many attendees had already heard of Aftermath; a good number of them had even referred the company to families in their area. For those who were new to the concept of professional crime scene cleaners, the event offered a great opportunity to build awareness and explain how Aftermath helps families in need throughout the state of Tennessee.

Event goers were especially interested in learning about the company’s rapid response initiative and how swiftly service could reach their respective jurisdictions. Stephen answered: “Aftermath is able to offer high quality, professional biohazard remediation services to the entire state. We are committed to assisting communities in Tennessee with an unmatched level of service.”

Prizes and Punch Cards

The TACP Vendor Expo uses a punch card system to invite participants to visit and spend time at each booth. As a result, there was plenty of information on hand for the Chiefs to bring home and share with their departments. In addition, Aftermath featured an array of giveaways; water bottles and air fresheners were the most popular items. There were also informative brochures and other material. The company also hosted a drawing. Chief Karl Durr of the Murfreesboro Police Department won the grand prize: a 5/11 Tactical Bail Out Bag and a set of PPE.

Thank You to the Tennessee Chiefs of Police

The overwhelmingly positive reception and southern hospitality of the Tennessee Chiefs of Police left Aftermath feeling like the real winners, though. Stephen relates: “This conference was great and our presence there was valued. The board members and many of the Chiefs in attendance went out of their way to thank us for supporting TACP and the people of Tennessee. I greatly enjoy this event because of the interactions and appreciation for what we do.”

Aftermath is a proud supporter of police and law enforcement organizations nationwide. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook to learn where the Aftermath booth will be setting up next!