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Aftermath Services has provided professional crime scene cleaning in Illinois since 1996. We are a dedicated specialty biohazard cleaning company with experience in unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup, tear gas remediation, and other trauma cleanup situations. Our staff of compassionate technicians will discreetly handle your situation 24/7. We have several locations in Illinois and other offices around the country to better serve you. Call us today and discover how professional bioremediation can help you onto the road to recovery.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Illinois 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Arlington Heights, IL including Schaumburg, Palatine, Mount Prospect, Niles, Park Ridge and all the surrounding areas.

Satisfied Customers in and around Arlington Heights, IL

“I was amazed how responsive and professional the sales consultant and the site cleanup staff were. Thank you for being such a great help in this terrible circumstance.”

– Ryan D., McHenry, IL

“I’m writing to commend yourself and Jim Stricker for the efforts of each of you in attempting to resolve the issues concerning the work done at my home in February 2013. When you first contacted me on May 9th, you explained that you had dropped everything you were doing to look into the matter immediately upon learning of the problem. We spoke at great length, and you assured me that you would check the file, contact Jim and follow-up as needed to effectuate a resolution. You did as you promised, and I thank you for your patience and tenacity. As I mentioned, I want to commend Jim Stricker’s calm and professional demeanor in talking over my concerns with me, arranging to return to my home and when there addressing each and every one of the things that we discussed. He left me feeling more confident and able to successfully cope with the very stressful circumstances I have been dealt. Jim is a good listener and, I believe, he really cares about the work that he does. These qualities, along with his perseverance and professionalism, make him, I think, a valuable asset to your company, and I thank him sincerely.”

– Marie G., IL

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Arlington Heights, IL Area

(Arlington Heights, IL)

When Aftermath technicians enter the scene of a death, they are prepared for almost anything. Even if the cause of death is not related to a known illness, they wear protective equipment specially designed to stand up to disease-causing bloodborne pathogens and bacteria. In some situations they aware of specific risks, such as those they encountered in an Arlington Heights apartment. The building owner called in Aftermath following the unattended death of a tenant. Medical officials determined the cause of death to be complications associated with Hepatitis C and Encephalitis.

On the scene, technicians noticed a strong smell associated with decomposition; they also discovered biological fluid in both the bathroom and bedroom. A HEPA air scrubber was set up to treat the odor and any airborne particles. Materials that could not be fully disinfected were removed, including affected carpeting, padding and subflooring. Finally, all surfaces were cleaned and tested for the presence of bacteria. Their hard work helped to ensure the apartment was safe and livable for future occupants.

Services Related to Crime Clean Up in Arlington Heights, IL

If you or someone you know was a victim of a crime, Aftermath has collected some resources to help guide you through this process.

Grief Counseling & Support Groups

  • Advanced Psych Care
    3233 N Arlington Heights Rd Ste 301B
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    (847) 222-0793
  • NueroHealth
    1650 N Arlington Heights Rd.
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    (847) 693-7102
Funeral & Cremation Services

  • Elegy Cremation
    103 N. Arlington Heights Rd.
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    (877) 565-7070
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