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Aftermath provides blood and biohazard cleanup, suicide cleanup, and crime scene cleanup for families and businesses in Greensboro, North Carolina, and nearby cities, including High Point, Winston-Salem and Charlotte. Our only business is biohazards, and we have helped people through trauma with compassionate care and biohazard cleanup for almost 20 years.

Our North Carolina State Supervisor Megan Squires and the Greensboro staff are available to provide a wide variety of specialty cleaning and sanitization services, from cleaning up unattended death scenes and hoarding situations to industrial accident cleanup and trauma cleaning. All staff and technicians are also trained in the soft skills of dealing with emotional situations.

We provide crime cleanup throughout North Carolina 24/7/365.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Greensboro Area

Greensboro, NC – Suicide can damage the surviving family’s lives, relationships, and their home, but it doesn’t have to destroy their physical health. A thorough and immediate cleanup of the scene can prevent the spread of numerous virulent blood-borne diseases, including Hepatitis C and E.coli.

In addition, fully removing contaminated structural elements can prevent further damage and unpleasant odors in the future. Sometimes cleaning a surface through scrubbing isn’t sufficient, however, or it causes so much surface abrasion that it’s more cost effective to remove the flooring or wallboard completely. In these cases, Aftermath is careful to remove the smallest possible amount of structure to ensure minimal damage to the home, while still fully remediating the risk.

Acting on a recommendation from a first responder, a Roxboro, North Carolina family immediately contacted Aftermath after a relative committed suicide in the den of the family’s home. Biological fluid affected the entire room, including the windows and blinds, as well as the carpeted floor, ceiling, and walls. Significant staining was noted in one corner of the room in particular.

With permission from the family, technicians removed a sheetrock wall in order to fully remediate the room, but the flooring was able to be saved. Upon completion of the job, Aftermath also helped relatives secure services from a local subcontractor to replace the damaged carpet and wall surfaces.

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If you or someone you know was a victim of a crime, Aftermath has collected some resources to help guide you through this process.

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