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When the unexpected happens, Aftermath Services is ready to assist you 24/7. Our team of professional technicians have already helped thousands of families and businesses nationwide by providing swift, efficient biohazard cleaning and specialty sanitization services. We perform unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, and other biohazard remediation, including hoarding cleanup and tear gas remediation. In the most difficult of situations, you can count on us to deliver unparalleled assistance, with care and compassion. Call us now and find out how Aftermath can help put you and your family on the road to recovery.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Pennsylvania 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Philadelphia, including Pennsport, Midtown Village, Upper and Lower North Philly, Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond, and all the surrounding areas.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Philadelphia, PA Area

(Philadelphia, PA) – It’s a frightening story, ripped from the headlines. An intruder breaks into a Philadelphia man’s home, and in the process of burglarizing the residence, he is shot by the homeowner. Fortunately, the homeowner was able to escape without injury, but while the most serious danger had passed, there was still reason for concern. Blood and other biological fluids left behind after the incident had contaminated the wall and saturated the bedroom carpet. Precautions must be taken when cleaning up biofluids because contact with them can lead to the transmission of HIV, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) or other diseases.

To help avoid additional worry, the homeowner hired Aftermath to conduct a thorough cleanup of the crime scene. Aftermath technicians use personal protective equipment and wear biohazard suits to protect against bloodborne pathogens and microorganisms which may cause serious infections and illnesses. In this case, the Aftermath team carefully removed the contaminated carpet and disposed of it in a medically approved waste receptacle. Once the source of the problem was removed, they cleaned and sanitized the entire affected area. In more ways than one, the homeowner’s quick thinking helped prevent a dangerous and ultimately tragic situation from becoming much worse.

(Philadelphia, PA) – When a homicide occurred in a home in Philadelphia, the distraught homeowner requested that a family member help clean up the crime scene. This task included wiping up a pool of biological fluids from a hardwood floor. It is natural that the family would want to remove all traces of the tragic incident, but cleaning a trauma scene without professional assistance may present serious danger to both the health of the family and their home.

Contact with biofluids or contaminated surfaces may cause the transmission of AIDS, cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis, or other serious diseases. Biological fluids can also do damage to the structure of a home and thus devalue the property. It is important to hire professionally trained biohazard specialists to identify and contain the extent of contamination as well as sanitize the home for future habitation.

In this case, the family quickly recognized the scope of the problem and called in Aftermath’s specialists to remediate. In addition to cleaning and sanitizing the hardwood floor, technicians safely removed and disposed of a contaminated doormat and carpeting from the living room staircase. Finally, at the homeowner’s request, they properly disposed of two plastic garbage bags which contained rags and paper towels used in the aborted clean up attempt. Thus, Aftermath was able to help the family avoid further complications in an already tragic and difficult situation.

(Philadelphia, PA) – Construction sites are at high risk for accidents and injuries, but for a business owner in Philadelphia, the situation was far worse. Arriving for work one morning, employees discovered the body of an unknown man, who had apparently committed suicide in one of the half-finished homes. No one was living in the residence at the time, so the presence of biological fluids did not pose an immediate threat, as it usually does when traumatic deaths occur. There were no walls inside the structure, but blood and other biological fluids were found on some of the supply boxes and a stack of wood boards. After the police cleared the scene, the property owner hired Aftermath to perform the remainder of the remediation.

OSHA regulations state that biological fluids should be treated as bio hazards, especially in a work zone. Aftermath technicians safely removed and disposed of the tainted boxes and boards, and at the request of the property owner, they also performed bio wash on the outside wall adjacent to a neighboring home. Aftermath meets or exceeds health and safety standards established by state, local and federal government agencies, including the EPA and OSHA. We are dedicated to educating the public about the hazards of trauma scenes and the necessity of professional cleaning and remediation services.

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