Crime Scene Cleanup In Texas

Texas’ biohazard & crime SCENE cleanup specialists

Aftermath is a professional biohazard cleaning company with dispatch centers located in Texas and nationwide. Our compassionate team of crime scene cleanup technicians handle some of the toughest biohazard cleanup and death scene cleanup cases, including suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup.

Our services are available throughout Texas, including the following cities:

Biohazard & Crime SCENE Cleanup – Texas State Requirements

Vehicle Requirements

  • Permit No. Decal, Address, Phone no., Permitted Medical Waste Hauler 3-inch or taller (on two sides and back of cargo carrying compartment), Biohazard symbol signage
  • Manifest and scale must be kept on truck
  • Enclosed cargo area, with floor and sides made of non-porous surfaces that are easily cleanable
  • Be maintained in a sanitary condition
  • Be locked or secured when vehicle is not in motion/attended and when waste is present in the compartment except during loading or unloading of waste
  • Have all discharge openings securely closed during operation of the vehicle or trailer
  • Maintain waste for no more than 72 hours after initial receipt from the generator

Manifest Requirements

  • Generator name, address, phone, and permit no.
  • Transporter and facility name, address, phone, and permit number
  • Type and quantity of waste
  • Date collected/date picked-up or delivered

Storage Requirements

  • Transfer station permit required to store

Other Resources

  • Texas Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • For information about statewide victim services call: (800) 983-9933 or visit their website