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Aftermath offers professional and compassionate blood spill cleanup and crime scene cleanup services to neighborhoods and towns in and around Detroit, Michigan, such as Bricktown, Von Steuben, West Village, Palmer Woods, and Warrendale.

We have performed specialty biohazard cleaning services, such as suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, tear gas removal, and hoarding cleanup for almost 20 years. Aftermath provides comprehensive bioremediation of blood and bodily fluids, which can contain pathogens such as Hepatitis B and C, E. coli, or HIV or Legionnaire’s disease. These are invisible to the naked eye, and yet can cause illness or even death, if not properly treated. Read More

Satisfied Customers in and around Detroit, MI

“I have never met, in my life, a more compassionate, professional and caring crew. They did a thorough & complete job & tidy. Thank you for taking care of my home.”

– Melanie Y., Michigan

“When [another company] was not willing to help us out, Aftermath got the job done! Thank you Aftermath for responding quickly! We are more than satisfied! John and his technicians were awesome.”

– Nancy D., North Street, MI

“Jim gave me a lot of information about what all was involved and had to be done. I appreciate all the information he gave me.”

– Wanda J., Burton, MI

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Detroit, MI Area

(Bridgeport, Michigan)

According to a specialized CDC task force, more than 38,000 people died by suicide in the United States in 2010. This astonishing number does little to convey the tragedy suffered by each individual family. When a Bridgeport, Michigan family experienced such an unfortunate event, a relative employed in the medical industry knew to call Aftermath right away. The family explained that the victim had committed suicide in the front seat of a vehicle.
Suicide in vehicles is actually a relatively frequent situation that Aftermath evaluates; in some cases, the damage exceeds the value of the auto, but in others the vehicle can be cleaned and the hazard safely removed. In this job, biological fluids were found on the seat, in between the seat and the center console, on the console itself, and in the cup holders. Aftermath’s highly trained service technicians use an effective method of decontamination which is adaptable to even the smallest, most complicated spaces. This meticulous process helped preserve the family’s property, and contributed to their safety and security during a difficult time.

(East Lansing, Michigan)

In an unattended death scenario, decomposition poses significant risk to first responders and family alike. Besides causing an unpleasant odor, even brief exposure can lead to serious health complications. Professional trauma scene cleanup safeguards against disease causing bacteria and virulent illnesses, which can remain viable long after the decedent has passed on. In East Lansing, Michigan, a home owner was found on the kitchen floor of his residence. Tragically, medical officials estimated the date of death to be approximately three weeks prior. In addition, the home itself was in considerable disrepair. The family recognized the potential hazards, and called Aftermath to assist in the remediation.

Upon entering the home, Aftermath technicians noted that the entryway was littered with glass from a broken door, caused by first responders who had to forcibly gain access to the premises. The linoleum floor of the kitchen and the kitchen island sustained the majority of the damage, where blood and biofluids leaked through to the subfloor and backboards. Newspapers and other clutter had been impacted by the fluid as well, meaning these materials would also need to be discarded as medical waste. In addition, biofluids extended under the refrigerator and to the wall behind the appliance. Using appropriate tools within a sealed “zone” to contain cross-contamination, a part of the floor was deconstructed to allow for full remediation of the affected structures. To destroy lingering odor, technicians removed carpeting throughout the entire residence. Finally, they performed a full biowash of the residence to remove any biological pathogens that had become airborne and traveled throughout the home or were spread by insect activity.

Aftermath’s compassionate and professional service technicians aided the family by safely decontaminating the house, and attending to a full-scale cleanup of the entire property.

(Harbor Beach, Michigan)

An unattended death often is an unexpected sorrow that brings with it unexpected costs. In addition to funeral and burial expenses, an unattended death typically requires the safe, sanitary remediation of the trauma scene. Aftermath cleanup services can help to protect the health and safety of family and relatives, while at the same time retrieving treasured mementos and irreplaceable family heirlooms. Proper remediation also can help to ensure the resale value of the home by minimizing damage and removing foul odors. Most importantly, it may provide surviving family members with a much-needed sense of closure.

A woman was found deceased in the bedroom of her house in Harbor Beach, Michigan. An Aftermath team of trauma specialists responded to the site of the death. They safely removed and disposed of a bed, mattress, and linen that had been contaminated with biological fluids. The family received a certificate of treatment for the home, guaranteeing that hospital-grade levels of sanitization were met in the treated areas. In the end, the family thanked Aftermath for working tirelessly to reduce cleanup costs, which made it easier for them to afford the cost of funeral expenses.

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