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Biohazardous situations such as unattended death cleanup, blood spills, hoarding and other trauma scenes are Aftermath’s specialty. Since 1996, we have provided fast, courteous sanitization services to thousands of families, in New Jersey and nationwide. Our discreet, caring technicians are available to assist you no matter what area you live in, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We hope you won’t have need of our services, but if you do, we’re there when you need us. Our New Jersey team is based right outside Jersey City, in the suburb of Bayville.

We provide crime cleanup throughout New Jersey 24/7/365.

Our New Jersey headquarters are just outside of Jersey City, in Bayville, New Jersey. We service Jersey City and surrounding cities, including: Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Woodbridge Township, Lakewood Township, Toms River,

Crime clean up in Jersey City, NJ

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“If God forbid anything like this horrific incident happens to another person, the only people I would recommend is Aftermath. Supervisor Randy Thompson and tech Megan Livergood were the sweetest and kindest caring people you could ever have take care of you at a time like this. We were in such shock after the incident especially my daughter Jennifer who was in the room at the time. Randy was so compassionate and patient with us, he helped us get through this process and we can’t even thank him enough. God Bless them and keep them safe in their most important job. They are amazing people. Thank you again.”

– Mabel T., Penns Grove, New Jersey

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Jersey City, NJ Area

(Avenel, New Jersey)

According to the American Association of Suicidology, suicide deeply affects a minimum of six people in addition to the victim; this number includes family, friends, and loved ones. The situation leaves behind many unanswered questions in the minds of the survivors. But the question of the family’s safety is a burden no family should have to deal with alone. Concerned law enforcement personnel in Avenel, New Jersey referred one grieving family to Aftermath, following the death of a relative. The decedent committed suicide in the loft area of the home, which potentially exposed a large portion of the home to biohazard. Like all liquids, blood can penetrate a porous surface, and clear biological fluids may leave traces in spots the eye cannot readily see. Aftermath’s trained service technicians follow a rigorous process which isolates the site of the death to prevent cross-contamination of clean areas within the home. In this situation, Aftermath bio remediation eliminated all traces of potentially hazardous biological waste, lending the family an additional sense of security during difficult times.

(Denville, New Jersey)

When a Denville, New Jersey man passed away in the bathroom of his home, the disease known as Legionellosis (aka “Legionnaires Disease”) was believed to be the culprit. Legionellosis is an often fatal respiratory illness normally transmitted via contaminated water supplies in public places like hotels and large office buildings. However, because it is passed to the individual through water vapors, the family felt extra care should be taken to make the home safe and disease-free for any future occupants. Aftermath agreed, and responded immediately to begin the remediation process. Aftermath teams treat all biohazard situations as if there are contagions, so sealed bio-suits and full-face respirators are the norm. After surveying the home, a technician explained the establishment of zones and the company’s unique three step biowash process to a relative of the deceased. It was determined that the control zone would encompass both the bedroom & master bath, where biological fluids were present. A series of barriers were created using sealed plastic sheeting, in order to prevent contamination of other areas of the home.

Once the zones were established, Aftermath removed all carpet, padding, fixtures, decorations and finishing nails from the bedroom and performed a similar sweep in the bathroom, so that the biowash could begin. After these materials were removed and the area was vacuumed, technicians applied proprietary cleaning agents by hand wiping method to remove any and all dirt and debris from the ceiling, walls and floor, to make the application of the disinfectant most effective. Next, disinfectant was applied to walls, floors and ceilings. After the disinfectant was given time to work, the area was checked for biological contaminants one last time using an ATP test, then a deodorizer was applied.
Working with the family, Aftermath’s proven cleanup methods helped to safely prepare the house for sale and, most importantly, provided relatives an additional sense of security and protection during a time of distress.

(Bellmawr, New Jersey)

An unattended death is a serious situation for any family. In addition to complicated emotions and funeral expenses, the physical site where the death has occurred may require serious professional cleanup. First responders may remove the decedent from the premises, but in cases where a body remains undiscovered for some time, remaining elements of decomposition can continue to have an impact on the residence. Something as small as a drop of blood may harbor disease and odor-causing bacteria which can linger for years afterward. These small traces can be extremely difficult to remove with routine cleanings. After a Bellmawr, New Jersey man passed away unexpectedly, concerned family contacted Aftermath to insure the home was safely sanitized and protected.In this case, the individual passed away due to natural causes and was discovered on the kitchen floor. Technicians encountered a heavy saturation of biofluids near the fridge which had penetrated a seam in the floor, and affected the surrounding area. Blood appeared to have traveled under the appliance as well and towards the back wall of the kitchen, close to some of the wood cabinets.

Fortunately, because the body remained undiscovered for only a short time, limited decomposition had taken place. Technicians cleaned and disinfected the home and remediated the material surfaces that could not be sanitized by disposing of them in medically approved waste containers. These actions helped to eliminate possible health risks and removed unpleasant odors from the home by preventing additional decay. As a follow-up, Aftermath recommended that the family seek out a professional flooring company to help replace the tiles that had to be removed during the cleanup. All told, the family found Aftermath’s professional service technicians both helpful and informative throughout the entire cleanup process.

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