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How does professional crime scene remediation promote health and safety?

Attempting to clean up after a trauma scene can result in an untold number health risks. Professional and immediate cleanup of the scene can protect people by preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria and virulent bloodborne diseases, including Hepatitis C and E.coli. It can also minimize structural damage to your home, and help stop bacterial and mold growth, which can occur when biological material seeps into the hidden places ordinary cleaning products can’t reach. Aftermath’s trained specialists provide peace of mind by restoring the environment to a safe condition.

Education is also an important aspect of what we do. We provide continuous education to our certified technicians, and we also educate our customers on the the various aspects of each step in a biohazard remediation.

We have a commitment to thought leadership and education nationwide, to help property owners, businesses and first responders understand the risks of using improper procedures to clean up a crime scene or accident. Aftermath also educates insurance companies about industry best practices, in order to promote better, more comprehensive policies for consumers. We provide educational materials to funeral homes, police departments, coroners and other organizations, explaining employee rights and regulations such as the personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines needed to safely enter a crime or trauma scene.

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