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What federal, state, and local laws affect biohazard remediation and removal?

As an industry classification, crime scene cleaning is not an officially regulated industry, and there is no federally-recognized “certification in biohazard removal” in the way that services such as asbestos remediation is certified. However, there are existing guidelines, regulations and restrictions for all of the components of our work.

For example, we adhere to federal OSHA and NIOSH requirements and recommendations to provide the highest level of safety and training for our employees and our clients. We follow local and national guidelines as it pertains to medical waste and chemicals, and Department of Transportation (DOT) for removing and transporting biohazards. Our employees are educated in safety training, chemical and biohazard materials handling, bloodborne pathogens, communication/documentation protocols, and other requirements pertaining to workplace and environmental safety. We are fully insured and licensed. Click here to read our coverage and licensing disclosure.

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