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What sets Aftermath apart from other crime scene clean up companies?

  • Aftermath is the only true national specialist provider of crime scene, trauma and biohazard removal services. We have been the industry leader since 1996, because of our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety, and we guarantee our work beyond any other company.
  • Local teams are dispatched 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with incredibly fast response times from call to scene in most US states. We do not subcontract; our mobile regional offices are fully owned and operated.
  • Our people are what make the difference: compassionate, highly trained, discreet and committed to helping people in a traumatic situation.
  • Process oriented in everything we do: centralized Center of Excellence control room for field support and communication, standardized work procedures for containment and cleaning, surface testing pre-and post-cleaning, consistent communication procedures and documentation. An average of six people will support your job as a team, at HQ and on the scene, to ensure no detail is left unfinished.
  • Bio is all we do: we don’t clean carpets, we don’t do mold, restoration or asbestos abatement, we don’t do lawn care or traditional house cleaning. We’ve created proprietary cleaning agents, safety equipment and cleaning methods that are our intellectual property.
  • Strict adherence to laws, regulations and best practice guidelines from federal and local agencies; because we are a national company, our methods are standardized to meet the requirements of the strictest state.
  • Fully insured and certified, partnering where necessary with licensed medical waste facilities and other certified and insured partners, which mitigates your risk. We follow OSHA regulations to the letter, as well as best practices from NIOSH and other regulatory advisers.

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