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Marie G.

I’m writing to commend yourself and Jim Stricker for the efforts of each of you in attempting to resolve the issues concerning the work done at my home in February 2013. When you first contacted me on May 9th, you explained that you had dropped everything you were doing to look into the matter immediately upon learning of the problem. We spoke at great length, and you assured me that you would check the file, contact Jim and follow-up as needed to effectuate a resolution. You did as you promised, and I thank you for your patience and tenacity. As I mentioned, I want to commend Jim Stricker’s calm and professional demeanor in talking over my concerns with me, arranging to return to my home and when there addressing each and every one of the things that we discussed. He left me feeling more confident and able to successfully cope with the very stressful circumstances I have been dealt. Jim is a good listener and, I believe, he really cares about the work that he does. These qualities, along with his perseverance and professionalism, make him, I think, a valuable asset to your company, and I thank him sincerely.

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