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Phillip C.

Kevin Crouch and his team met with us and evaluated our situation.  He not only was very polite and professional, but was sensitive to our needs.  He was reassuring, informative, and very clear as to what to expect (both of the team and of us).  August 17 the team arrived (in an all-white van to protect our privacy) and immediately contacted us to say they were there and ask if we had any questions. They discretely cleaned the area, quietly attended to the packing and removal, and called us to review the space. Kevin and the team reassured us that our home was totally cleaned (to Aftermath’s guidelines) and ready to rent.  I cannot thank them enough for their guidance during a difficult time.  We were not only impressed with the knowledge of how things should be handled, and the sanitation process, but the client rapport they exhibited to us. Thank you, Kevin and the team, and congratulations to Aftermath for your professional service.

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