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Rita W.

After suffering a loss, I was baffled on what to do next or who to call. Megan and her team arrived at my home and were ready to take care of my situation immediately. Megan spent the time to come up with a customized plan of action for just me. Megan ensured me through the whole process and answered all of my questions.

While working a comparative company showed up and was an absolute joke compared to Megan and her team. They did not even take the time to put gloves, The gentleman wasn’t very informative and had little to no idea what to do. I am thankful Megan and her team was there to take care of all my needs.

With the burden of losing someone close to me, I now had the burden of paying for services. Megan worked with Aftermath to waive the fee for me so that my personal property would be taken care of. This was a 2000 service and they did it for free! What more could I ask for? Any time I need anything I will be sure to call Aftermath and ask for Megan. [The competitor] will never get any business from me. Megan and her team went over and beyond my expectations, and she was glad to do it. Losing someone close is hard enough. Megan made the next steps and the transition back to normal life very easy. Megan treated me as if I was a part of her family, and she was a part of mine. She treated my house as if it was hers. There aren’t too many companies with employees like Megan. The care and courtesy she took cannot be put into words.

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