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Steven K.

How do I even begin my thanks to Wanda Rojas and her extraordinary team of dedicated, focused, calm and endearing individuals?  I arrived on scene to discover my father experienced an unattended death in his apartment. About 12 days had passed before the police and apartment personnel discovered his remains on Sept. 9. The crew was on site on Sept 10 for the initial emergency cleanup, but could not proceed further without a family member present. I flew down to the area on Tuesday, Sept 11 and meet the team on Wednesday, Sept 12 to begin their major cleanup.

When I shook Wanda’s hand for the first time, I noticed her intense caring eyes and the reassurance in her voice. Immediately many burdens were lifted from my shoulders as they took control, with my permission, to contact local charities for the donation of salvageable worldly goods and the disposal of various possessions that were too far gone to be acceptable for donations.  To tackle such difficult circumstances day after day is something beyond me. God bless those individuals who put the welfare of the grieving above their long work hours. The job was finished completely and far beyond any of my expectations. Thank you Aftermath for choosing so wisely in the people who represent you in the field. I feel blessed.

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