Aftermath Celebrates National Customer Day

Aftermath provides dedicated and uniquely specialized services to a wide array of customers, including home owners, businesses, and law enforcement agencies. Backed by almost 20 years of research and experience, Aftermath employs a systematic approach to cleaning that ensures every trauma scene meets or exceeds hospital-grade disinfection standards. Aftermath’s trained service technicians are skilled in removing harmful biological contaminants, as well as any lingering odors.

In honor of National Get to Know Your Customers Day, we take a brief look at three of our most valued types of clients, and how we address their diverse needs with the same consistent quality of service that has characterized our company mission since taking our first job in 1997.

Home Owners

Most homeowners consider their residence to be a place of refuge. Aftermath’s primary goal is to keep this space safe and clean with compassionate biohazard cleanup services as needed. In fact, the majority of Aftermath’s customers are average homeowners who have experienced a tragic or difficult situation such as a suicide, serious illness, or break-in. Fortunately, many of our services are covered by insurance, and we will work diligently with your adjuster to make sure you get the best care possible with as few up-front costs as possible.

Furthermore, our crews are trained to be professional and courteous. We’re also accustomed to working with grieving families who may not have time to vet several cleaning companies before making a final decision. Our 28 Point Checklist takes the guesswork out of the process by addressing the main concerns and questions that arise when facing a traumatic situation.

Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Sadly, biohazard situations are common in the workplace. High customer and employee traffic, dangerous equipment, and sometimes unpredictable scenarios that can be challenging and problematic. Additionally, OSHA requires that certain companies maintain an exposure control plan, in order to minimize risks to consumers and employees. For this reason, businesses sometimes opt to establish a contractual relationship with Aftermath, saving themselves time and worry when a situation does occur. Managers know who to call, and the problem can be solved quickly and safely, with little to no interruption to productivity.

Aftermath is also known for its care and discretion in handling sensitive situations. We know our job is not to be in the spotlight, or on a reality show; our job is to fix the situation as quickly as possible and with the highest quality outcome, following full safety regulations and environmental compliance guidelines. We typically work in 3-person crews to speed up turnaround; for mass casualty or significant situations, we deploy multiple mobile teams from locations around the US.

Law Enforcement

Aftermath is proud of its relationship with first responders, including police, coroners, and other law enforcement professionals. We recognize the difficulties of the job and strive to support the important work they do in our communities. Following a traumatic situation such as a homicide or suicide, a grieving family typically turns to local law enforcement for aid and advice. However, first responders are often unable to assist in matters of cleanup. To this end, Aftermath endeavors to keep officers informed about the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and the role of crime scene cleaners. If you are an officer and would like to request marketing materials for your department, please click here.

In addition to information, Aftermath also hosts PPE training and other programs to help police stay safe on the job. Throughout the year, we also host contests and giveaways in order to thank officers for their service. We also perform jail cell and squad car cleanups.

Thank You for Making a Tough Job Wortwhile

No matter who you are, where you’re calling from, or what type of cleanup you need, there’s almost always an Aftermath Services team nearby, ready to assist you. Each of our customers is treated with dignity and respect, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensures you are pleased with the final cleaning. To read more about what our customers are saying, check out our testimonials page. If you would like to tell us more about your own aftermath experience, contact your client services manager or visit a local review site, such as Yelp.