Aftermath Visits the 2015 National Sheriffs’ Association Conference

This week, Aftermath representatives attended the National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD. The event was hosted by the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), an organization which boasts over 20,000 members including sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, police, and other law enforcement professionals.

A large and well-attended event, the conference features seminars & workshops that cover all aspects of the duties and responsibilities for sheriffs’ offices, together with almost 500 exhibitors. On hand to greet attendees were Tony Cusinato and John Tyler, Senior Managers of Law Enforcement Relations for Aftermath Services LLC, and Stephen Brown, Aftermath’s National Director of Business Development. The purpose of the exhibit was to educate and inform the law enforcement community on what Aftermath does, and to share best practices on how to provide information on crime scene cleanup to grieving families in need of our services.

Meeting and Greeting at the NSA Conference

Aftermath was the only biohazard cleanup company in attendance at the conference, but the community reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Those that visited the exhibit hall were genuinely interested in learning more about all of the vendors and how they could benefit their offices and the cities and counties in which they serve. Stephen relates: “We had several interactions with attendees that did not know much about us and our services. In these cases, we explored how the Sheriffs’ office currently handles situations in which families have experienced a bio hazardous event that may require remediation. Then we discussed ways that Aftermath could serve as a resource to those families.”

The most common questions asked by attendees were in regards to office locations and service areas. Being able to respond nationwide through strategically positioned locations gives Aftermath great reach and recognition. During the conference, Aftermath representatives also spoke with numerous NSA members who had either utilized our services or provided our information to families in need. It was reassuring to know that Sheriffs’ offices and other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are aware of the benefits of professional biohazard cleaning. Many requested additional information be sent to them, so that they could share it with their teams.

Convention Activities

To make things a little more exciting, Aftermath also gave away a 511 Tactical bag with a PPE kit; however, it was the team’s friendly demeanor that attracted the most attention. “We prefer to draw attention the old fashioned way,” explained Stephen. “We smile and just talk with passersby. The whole thing is very low key.” Their simple approach seemed to go over well with attendees. “When we were closing the booth, someone with convention services mentioned we were the leader in the clubhouse in terms of contacts.”

With a gathering this size, events run at all hours, but there is still plenty of time to catch a break. The convention center is situated in downtown Baltimore, directly across from Camden Yards where the Orioles play. Some attendees took time out to catch a game while they were in town – there was a double header on Sunday and games both Monday and Tuesday. Others explored Little Italy and visited the Inner Harbor, just a few blocks away. Most of the seminars and workshops hosted on-site were geared toward professional training, but the event also sponsored a presidential forum. Several candidates were on hand to speak directly to NSA members, including Mike Huckabee, Dr. Ben Carson and Jim Webb.

Time for a Follow-up

So what does all this mean for Aftermath? Convention season is a busy time of year for service providers – after an event, there are a lot of follow up activities that take place. Many attendees requested additional materials that will help make it easier for them to have our number handy in case they need to provide it to families. It’s also a great time to begin planning for the future. We are already looking forward to the 2016 NSA conference, which will be held next June in Minneapolis, MN.

If you are a member of Law Enforcement that didn’t make it to Baltimore, but would like to request additional information or marketing materials for your department, fill out our online request form or call us directly at 877-872-4339.