Crime Scene Cleanup in Boston: A Case Study on Vehicle Remediation

Although the bulk of their work is in structural biohazard remediation, Aftermath crews are frequently asked to clean up vehicular and mechanical contamination. Most commonly, the vehicles are fleet vehicles like semi -trailer trucks and rental cars, and public service vehicles such as buses or police squads. These vehicles are costly and sometimes hard to replace, which makes cleaning a more economical option than replacing the car. However, in cases where a death occurs or injuries are severe, proper remediation may be complex to deliver in these tightly confined spaces. Removal of all bio is especially important in small areas, as smells can build up and become trapped over time, and continuous direction contact with bio can increase already dangerous health risks associated with bloodborne pathogens.

In May of 2014, a commercial rental car agency in East Boston contacted Aftermath following a shooting that occurred in one of the company’s vehicles. During inspection, technicians noticed a large amount of blood on the driver’s side of the vehicle which affected the dash, steering wheel, center console, floor and driver’s side seat. Several bullet holes were visible on the door and the window was smashed, leaving glass on the seat and on the floor. Taking extra precaution because of the presence of sharps, technicians donned PPE, including several layers of gloves, in order to prevent against punctures. First, they removed the cloth seat and subfloor, and then disinfected the hard surfaces of the vehicle. Fortunately in this case, the cloth-covered roof did not appear to be contaminated. However, all nearby surfaces were tested with a reacting agent to be certain nothing was overlooked.

When these tests came back negative, the manager of the repair department went over the final results with the supervisor. In the end, Aftermath helped the company save money on vehicle replacement while still upholding a high safety standard for its customers.

Aftermath’s North Attleboro team covers all of Massachusetts, including the Boston Area. To learn more about vehicle remediation, check out our recent article in Restoration and Remediation magazine.