Homicide Cleaning

After a tragic event, like a homicide, property owners are faced with restoring the site to a safe and livable condition. But this is a horrific task to face, especially when the family is dealing with the loss of a loved one. This is also a dangerous task because body fluids left behind can contain dangerous bloodborne pathogens. The safest option is to hire a professional bioremediation company. Aftermath is the industry leader in crime scene cleaning, and we know that this is a difficult time for families. We are available 24/7 to help you through this tragedy.

Leading the Industry the “Aftermath Way”

“The Aftermath Way” is more than a cleaning regimen; it’s a mindset. Our employees carry the highest respect, dignity, and standard of service to our customers. We use discreetly marked vehicles to maintain your privacy as we work to clean, disinfect, and remediate your home.

Each area we treat is carefully documented for insurance purposes using written reports and photographs before and after we disinfect. Although many homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for homicide cleanup, some do not. If you need assistance paying for our services, Aftermath has several payment options available to help.

Note: Aftermath cannot make guarantees regarding your insurance coverage. If you need more information about what types of services your policy covers, we suggest speaking with your insurance adjuster.

Our Two-Step Disinfection Process

Our systematic approach to cleaning is backed by nearly 20 years of research and practice to ensure that each homicide scene is remediated and that every customer’s home or property is returned to a safe state.

We disinfect each affected area of the home with a two-step process:

Step One: Controlling Potential Contamination

Our technicians establish three control zones around the scene of the homicide in order to prevent cross-contamination between clean and affected rooms. During this process, our technicians abide by OSHA’s safety standards by wearing fully-protected Personal Protective Equipment, including respiratory gear, double layer gloves, and biohazard suits specifically designed for biohazard recovery.

Step Two: Cleaning Biohazardous Material and Removing Affected Materials

Technicians proceed by removing any trace of dirt, chemicals, blood, and biological materials from the affected areas. They then disinfect these areas and test the area using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to ensure it is thoroughly disinfected. Finally, technicians deodorize the affected area to eliminate the possibility of lingering odors.

At Aftermath, we know moving past a homicide is a long and difficult process, and cleaning the site of a homicide is the last thing on your mind. We can help alleviate this burden. Our homicide clean up service returns your home to the safe haven you need during this difficult time. Contact us day or night.

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