Crime Scene Cleanup and Victim’s Assistance

When tragedy strikes, trauma cleaning is just one of many expenses a family may face. As a nationwide company that specializes in crime scene cleanup, Aftermath is focused on restoring your home or place of business to safe, clean, and inhabitable space. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about how you will afford assistance, know that there may be funds available depending on the circumstances. Read on to learn more:

Why Does Cleanup Cost So Much?

If you have home or renters insurance, you may be in luck. Aftermath has worked with many reputable adjusters and insurance carriers across the country to help families who are seeking remediation services for their property. However, every insurance policy is different; while we realize that many of the situations that require our help are unimaginable, contacting your agent before an incident occurs is the best way to protect yourself. If you are covered, our client representatives are able to help you file your claim.

Because your health and safety are our primary concern, Aftermath does not cut corners. Contrary to what some cleaners claim, few states have regulations or licensing that cover trauma cleaning (though in some cases waste disposal and transport regulations may apply). For this reason, anyone with a mop and bucket can call themselves biohazard cleaners, but few of these companies possess the knowledge or equipment to do the job thoroughly. If cleaned improperly, stains and odors may reappear in time, which may lead to health risks, not to mention possible emotional or mental distress.

To reinforce our commitment to quality, every job performed by Aftermath comes backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with our work, we’ll do it again until it meets your expectations (some exclusions apply – speak to your client services representative from additional details).

What is Victim’s Assistance?

If you lack insurance altogether, or if your policy will not cover a cleanup, there are still options to help you with the out-of-pocket expense. Many customers choose to seek help from a third party agency for more than biohazard cleaning.

Every state has a victim’s compensation program. Federal, state, and tribal victim assistance programs receive grants from government sources, whereas charity organizations depend on private grants and donations. You may be eligible for funds from several sources, though some may require you to spend the money on a particular purpose. Commonly these funds will cover expenses such as lost wages, funeral services, and/or medical or psychological help. In some cases, biohazard cleaning may also be covered, but each program and situation is different. Your police department may direct you to a local victim’s advocate who can assist you directly with applying for funds in your area.

No Matter What, There is Help

No matter what your financial situation, Aftermath is dedicated to providing you with high-quality crime scene cleanup services. If third party funding is unavailable, Aftermath may be able work with you to create an affordable payment program. Contact your client services manager for more information.
As always, Aftermath technicans are available to assist you nationwide with 24/7 service. Call 877-872-4339 for help.