Insurance Matters: Aftermath Stops at the PLRB Claims Conference in Boston

We visit a lot of conferences every month; however, PLRB Claims Conferences are an opportunity for us to connect with members of a unique field: the insurance industry. Aftermath has been attending PLRB events  for the last three years, including regional and central conferences. Mark Livorsi, Client Services Representative and seasoned PLRB vet, offered his insight into the three day conference. Along with Tina Bao and Genna Hines, he spent several in Boston last week, sharing information about the importance of professional biohazard cleaning.

What is PLRB?

PLRB stands for Property and Liability Resources Board. As a trade association for insurance companies and underwriting organizations, PLRB offers members a wide, professional referral network to better service their customers. According to their website, PLRB exists to: “encourage productivity and efficiency in the property and liability loss and claim adjustment processes of members and the industry as a whole; to disseminate information on property and liability issues among members and within the insurance industry; and to promote education and new and beneficial developments within the property and casualty insurance industry.”

Outreach for Insurance Adjusters

Though it was busy, the feeling of the show was relatively relaxed. Booths included independent adjusting services and engineering firms specializing in reconstruction, just to name a few. “The location attracted people and businesses that are more east coast centered, which was nice. Attendees were particularly interested in the new classes being offered by PLRB.” The show concluded with high energy as companies hosted special events.

When asked what he believed the attendees learned about Aftermath, Mark responded: “I think we really drove home our quick response time as well as our unique process, from the initial call to final invoice. Most adjusters understood why we operated this way, but they gained a new understanding of the emotional stress many families are in when they hire us. Often, we are not dealing directly with the homeowner since they are deceased, so we do our best trying to get the insurance company involved as soon as possible.”

A Big Thank You 

Mark, Tina, and Genna would like to thank all the PLRB Boston attendees who rolled out the welcome mat for us this year. And, of course, extra thanks to the coffee baristas in the booth nearby, who kept the Aftermath team caffeinated throughout the event!

Every day, Aftermath works directly with insurance carriers and adjusters to process customer claims quickly and efficiently. As a natiowide leader in biohazard remediation, insurers can feel confident when referring their customers to Aftermath. If you’re an adjuster and wish to connect with Aftermath experts regarding further education or questions on biohazard cleanup, visit us online or please call our dedicated line for insurance agents: 888-575-5708.