Aftermath Visits the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (MACP)

Our Aftermath Arizona team attends the AACOP Conference.

Last week, Aftermath Services visited the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Winter Training Conference at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI. Aftermath’s Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, Tony Cusinato, represented the company.

To Serve and Protect

According to the MACP website, the purpose of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police is to “secure a closer official and personal relationship among police officials throughout the State; to secure unity of action in police matters; to elevate the standard of police institutions by urging the elimination of politics from the conduct; a tenure of office for those employed in the service; the maintenance of honorable men and means in the transaction of police business; the general adoption of pension and relief laws; the adoption of humane efforts in the enforcement of laws; the provision of temporary relief for its worthy members and their families in certain emergencies; the advancement along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime and the identification and treatment of prisoners.”

It’s a tough job, but over 250 MACP members attended the winter conference to hone their skills. From February 8th through the 9th, workshops were held on topics of concern, including public safety, recruitment, the heroin epidemic, and working with the mentally ill. Convention goers also attended MACP committee meetings and awards programs.

Conversation Starters

Tony spoke to more than half of the attendees over the course of the two days. “There was such a great attitude among them,” he reports. “It was easy to start a conversation. They were very receptive and talkative.” Of the questions asked, the subjects of location, price, and response time came up most frequently. Located in Orion, Aftermath Michigan covers all major metro areas in the state, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids.

Many of the Chiefs had heard of Aftermath already, and a few stopped by the booth to share their experiences. For Tony, this was one of the highlights of the show:  “A member of the Davison PD came over to discuss a situation that was referred to us.  They wanted to understand our process and what we did to help the family.  Together, we looked over the case and answered questions about the work.  They were very impressed and brought over a Chief from a neighboring town to go over the process again.” Another Chief commended the Michigan team on work they performed for the department over the summer.

While at the show, Tony also gave away 2 bail out bags from 5.11 Tactical and 2 PPE kits. Sergeant Curtis Bristol from the Charlotte Police Department and Captain Shawn Bride from the Muskegon Police Department won.

A Busy Schedule

Tony said that already looking forward to the next MACP conference. In the meantime, he’ll be making many more stops, so be sure to swing by the Aftermath booth at your next conference! We have upcoming events in California, Missouri and Wisconsin.

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