Evaluating Biohazard Service Providers

We understand it can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with a traumatic situation, but we are here to offer our support, expertise, and resource. Below is a comprehensive checklist for you to use in your search for a dependable, professional cleanup company. A qualified provider should have the appropriate licenses and certificates readily available upon request.

Our goal is to educate and empower you to make the best decision for you, your family, or your business.

The 28-Point Checklist

Required By Law

*A qualified vendor should be able to produce these documents on-site if requested.

OSHA – Employee Safety

  1. *Bloodborne pathogen training and compliance
  2. *Written exposure control program
  3. *Training and use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. *Hazard assessment and communication training and SDS compliance
  5. Job-specific training: fall protection, hearing safety, back safety, power tool safety, and lock-out/tag-out safety
  6. Respiratory protection training and compliance
  7. Heat illness risk management training, including on-site heat stress level testing
  8. Hepatitis B vaccinations

EPA & State Environmental Agencies – Environmental Safety

  1. *State-specific licensed medical waste generator
  2. EPA RRP Lead Paint certified
  3. Asbestos compliant: (1) does not disturb asbestos-containing material in its process OR (2) is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor
  4. Medical waste transporter license, where applicable
  5. Contract with a licensed medical waste disposal company, where applicable
  6. Ongoing medical waste handling/transporting and process training
  7. Biohazard placarding on vehicles

Industry best practices

 Standard Procedures

  1. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the cleanup and disinfection process
  2. Use of specifically designed chemicals formulated for biohazard remediation
  3. Validated references from customers
  4. Employee training facility
  5. Employee background checks
  6. Pre-employment screening and random drug testing
  7. Clean driving records of its employees
  8. Does not use subcontractors
  9. Fully bonded and insured, including employee theft coverage
  10. Workers compensation insurance
  11. Commercial general liability insurance
  12. Contractor’s environmental liability insurance
  13. Vehicle insurance


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"Matt was very good at explaining the process. He was very respectful and compassionate and empathetic to my loss. I am very appreciative for your services."

Aileen D. - Tempe, AZ

"I am a District Director of Child Welfare Services and supervise staff who deal daily with delicate customer service issues. I know that it takes a special person who can be both professional yet caring at the same time...your company should be proud to have [employees] who can represent your company so well in these type of sensitive matters."

Nancy R. - Ponca City, OK

"My family recently had a horrible and tragic accident...my mom worked with the Aftermath staff and said that not only did they do a great job of cleaning the house, they were incredibly kind, compassionate, thoughtful and understanding in the face of a difficult and painful situation. Thank you for helping our family through this."

Maria Y. - Seattle, WA

"I cannot say enough good things about Aftermath. Two days before Christmas my brother [died, and] I called Aftermath for a clean up. From the very first person I talked to on the phone, who set me up with a coordinator in my area, to the ground crew who did the work, and finally the person who was in charge of the account invoice, every person was respectful, caring and ready to help me in anyway possible. The work that was done was outstanding... and even though the crew knew they would charge by man hours, they worked steadily and were always careful not to do anything against my wishes. The business office made sure my homeowners insurance was kept well informed. I hope no one ever has to experience what our family experienced, but if you do, you can trust Aftermath and all their employees to the best job possible. I cannot thank Aftermath enough."

Jacqulin B. - Springtown, TN

"The Aftermath team provided exceptional service to me through a difficult situation I was not prepared to handle. I was uncomfortable even entering the building in which the event occurred and [Aftermath’s] team sensed my discomfort and put me at ease. They handled both my distress and the clean up process with the utmost professionalism. They are exceedingly experienced in managing all facets of their business which includes timely arrival, description of the process, customer uneasiness, the actual clean-up, and administrative out processing. I'm grateful to Aftermath for helping me through this stressful time and am better prepared to move forward as a result of their efforts."

M.S. - Alexandria, VA

"When we didn't know where to begin the tremendous job before us after a death in the family, Aftermath was there for us. I can hardly express the gratitude we feel...for their unwavering kindness, compassion, support and understanding. They were available whenever we needed them. They worked tirelessly and thoroughly until the job was done. I have, and will continue to recommend this company to anyone with similar needs. Thank you so much!"

Jen - Bushkill, PA

"Your team quickly dispatched and arrived. Were passionate, caring, and kept us informed all through the process, and explained it in detail. Love the crew and business for being there for us. Thank you so much."

Penny R. - Staunton, VA

"Marcello was the first to arrive and was very kind during such a difficult time. He took care of everything with the insurance company and just took care of the whole situation for us. It was such a relief to know we didn't have to worry about anything. Two other ladies arrived later to help with the cleanup. I wish I knew their names. I had to leave but my mom stayed and said that they were great. Everyone worked hard through the night. I saw the house the next morning and I was surprised at what they were able to accomplish. Everything was completely taken care of. It looked like nothing had happened."

Lisa B. - Alpharetta, GA

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