Aftermath Visits Victims Services Conference in Colorado

Fall seems to fly by with the very last of our yearly conferences. Though many resorts become ghost towns after Labor Day, the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) was hard at work, hosting their annual conference at the Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado. Haunting the Aftermath booth for a second year was Tony Cusinato, Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations.

What is Cova?

COVA is a Denver-based organization that helps crime victims and their families “through leadership, education, and advocacy.” The conference hosts over 1,000 attendees every year; members come from government agencies, victim services, and victim advocacy organizations.  Attendees gather to hear guest speakers and attend workshops where they learned new skills and gained insight from other members in their field. According to the COVA website, the event is the largest shows of its kind in the nation.

Read more about COVA in our interview with COVA Director, Nancy Lewis.

This year, vendors were spread out throughout the convention center. Those who stopped by the Aftermath booth were interested in learning about services and locations; many didn’t know about the existence of dedicated biohazard cleanup. In addition to some Halloween treats, Tony gave away a 5.11 tactical bag and PPE kit. The winner was Ken Spencer of the Oak Creek Police Department of Colorado.

About Aftermath

Often, educating families about biohazard cleanup means reaching out to first responders like police, but also to funeral directors, insurance agents, and victims advocates – those who are on the front lines each and every day. The COVA Conference provides Aftermath with a unique opportunity to reach an audience who work directly with victims who may be in need of cleanup services. We are proud to work alongside agencies like COVA, supporting them through our attendance at conferences and also through special grants.

To read more about this year’s COVA Grant winners, visit our blog spots on Debbie Lewis and Nicole Deines.

Special thank you to all the COVA members who welcomed Tony, and to the vendor’s coordinator who assisted us with questions.

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