Announcing the 2015 Aftermath Services Collegiate Scholarship

At Aftermath, we are dedicated to providing active leadership and support to the families and communities we serve. Our commitment goes far beyond trauma cleaning; we believe in fostering the caring spirit while helping those in crisis. From charitable donations to local sponsorships, scholarships, and volunteering, Aftermath’s philosophy is centered on supporting three pillars: education, safety, and community.

To further this endeavor, Aftermath is pleased to announce the 2015 Aftermath Services Collegiate Scholarship. This scholarship promotes safety awareness and the principles of education and community contribution by awarding $1,000 to two deserving candidates. The scholarship includes an essay section that will be judged on several criteria. The topic focuses on the necessity of biohazard cleanup safety, and reinforces the best practices of the industry as embodied by Aftermath.

Biohazard remediation has long been misunderstood by the general public. Laboratory safety is a familiar subject to most college students, but outside of the lab, many of these precautions fall by the wayside. Blood and bodily fluids can be some of the most hazardous substances to remediate; mop and bucket cleanups are not sufficient to protect against the risks of bloodborne pathogens.

Aftermath is an expert in the field of bloodborne pathogen safety. We have a clear understanding of emergency procedures and train our employees to utilize these techniques on each and every job, who in turn, pass this important information on to our customers. To this end, Aftermath has long been at the forefront of research and technology designed to better serve those who are faced with cleaning a biohazardous situation.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, a candidate must:

  • Be enrolled or have the intent to enroll in a higher education institution: 2- or 4-year programs, certificate programs, and graduate programs are all acceptable. All majors are eligible.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. A copy of your transcript required (unofficial transcript accepted).
  • Complete the application and written essay portion of the scholarship.

Entries must be completed and received by June 30th, 2015. For detailed rules and essay prompt, please see our website.