Aftermath Attends the 2016 PLRB Claims Conference in San Antonio

Aftermath visits the Alamo for PLRB 2016.

Last week, Aftermath attended the 2016 PLRB Claims Conference in San Antonio, TX. According to the organization’s website, PLRB is concerned with productivity and efficiency in the insurance industry. Goals include the dissemination of information on property and liability issues within the industry, and promoting “education and new and beneficial developments within the property and casualty insurance industry.” PLRB hosts about 5 conferences per year, each covering a different avenue of the insurance business, but the San Antonio event is the largest of it’s kind.

Aftermath was represented by Stephen Brown, Director of Business Development, Dave Jurcenko, Senior Vice President of Finance, and Mark Livorsi, Customer Service Representative from the company’s home office in Aurora, IL. Aftermath has attended numerous PLRB conferences over the years; generally speaking, they are upbeat and lively events, meaning that Aftermath must adopt a more lighthearted approach to what is otherwise a serious business.

Fun and Games

Though many adjusters were squeamish about discussing biohazard cleaning, they still expressed curiosity about the work we perform. As a way to introduce the concept without too much scientfic discussion, attendees were given a chance to win prizes in our What’s Bugging You? Game. Giant Microbe plushies are always a big hit, and they give adjusters an idea of just what kinds of bacteria and other issues could be lurking at a trauma scene, including Hep C, HIV, Meningitis, Norovirus, Maggots, C-diff, E-coli, and MRSA. We also gave away water bottles and hand sanitizer. “Some people who I have given plushies to at other events showed me some pictures of either their dogs or small kids playing with them,” Mark reported. “It was kind of cute seeing the plushies get used.”

Outside the Convention…

Despite all the classes and vendors at the conference, one of highlights of the week was happening right outside the convention center itself. While taking in all the usual sights of the city, the attendees were also treated to Fiesta San Antonio, a celebration of the city’s liberation from Mexico. Conference goers were witness to the big boat parade, and enjoyed live music and lots and lots of food. For Mark and the others, visiting the Alamo was another exciting bonus.

Adjusters and Home Owners, We’re There For You

If you’re an adjuster, but did not get a chance to attend the conference, we have materials to help you get better acquainted with our full range of services. Our 28-point Checklist is useful for families, as well as adjusters who go the extra mile for their clients and wish to lend additional support during a time of stress and hardship. We also have an FAQ Resource Guide available, which agents can distribute to those in need. Check our marketing materials page for more information on this free service, or print the 28-point checklist PDF.

If you’re experiencing a biohazard situation, or have questions regarding our services, please call 877-872-4339. Aftermath Services is on call 24/7, with offices located strategically throughout the nation to better serve you.