Aftermath “Gear Up” Sweepstakes: Law Enforcement Enter to Win up to $500 of Tactical Gear

Aftermath Gear Up Sweepstakes banner with tactical belt.

Aftermath “Gear Up Sweepstakes”: Law Enforcement Enter to Win up to $500 of Tactical Gear

As a crime scene clean up provider, Aftermath Services understands the dangers law enforcement face as first responders on the scene of traumatic events such as suicides, homicides and deaths in the home or workplace. Aftermath strives to help protect the law enforcement community by offering bloodborne pathogen training, personal protective equipment, and sponsoring multiple law enforcement associations across the United States.

In an effort to continuously recognize the dedication of law enforcement officers nationwide, Aftermath has kicked off our “Gear Up Sweepstakes” to offer law enforcement professionals the chance to win up to $500 in tactical gear to help keep police protected on the scene.

“The Gear Up Sweepstakes is designed to show our continued support and appreciation for the relentless service of law enforcement professionals who protect our communities,” said Dana Todd, Chief Marketing Officer of Aftermath. “We understand that first responders need help to perform their duties in spite of municipal budget cuts impacting police departments across the country. This sweepstakes is one way we can assist and show our appreciation.”

Aftermath continues to support law enforcement agencies, victims’ right organizations and other nonprofits through community based programs such as Aftermath Cares and public health education programs. Blood cleaning and bio recovery are only some of the services we provide: Aftermath also helps property owners whose homes are effected by tear gas or hoarding.

To enter, visit our Gear Up Sweepstakes page or visit us on Facebook. (You must be a bona fide law enforcement professional to enter.)