Legionella Bacteria – Cleanup Tips

Legionella bacteria and biohazard cleanup.

Although Aftermath Inc. Crime Scene Cleanup does not conduct remediation of Legionnaires’ disease, they have experience in biohazard remediation and can lend their expertise to the prevention of bacterial outbreaks. The following are ways some ways to prevent an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, specifically in hot tubs:

  • Maintain water systems in which Legionella grow, including drinking water systems, hot tubs and fountains, using the following guidelines for appropriate water temperatures and chemical treatment of water for legionellosis prevention found here.
  • High water temperatures make it hard to maintain the disinfectant levels needed to kill germs like Legionella, so make sure the hot tub has the right disinfectant and pH levels.
  • Low water volumes coupled with high temperatures and frequent use make public hot tub operation challenging. The result can be low disinfectant levels that allow the growth and spread of a variety of germs that can cause skin and respiratory Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs). Consult operators that focus on hot tub maintenance and operation to defend against these dangerous illnesses.