Aftermath Reviews Insights 2015 Restoration and Remediation Conference

From March 2nd through the 4th, New Orleans played host to one of the restoration industry’s largest conferences. Insights 2015 attracted over 1,000 remediation and restoration professionals, including sponsors like Restoration and Remediation Magazine and Claims Magazine, and representatives from companies like Aftermath.

What is Insights?

Insights began in 1996 as a small trade show run by DKI, the largest contracting organization in property management. The meeting was originally a way for franchisees to get together to view new equipment, chat with vendors, and discuss methods and practices. In the past 19 years, the conference has expanded to become a nationwide showcase, welcoming all those in the industry and including valuable training, world-class speakers, and opportunities for networking between industry specialists.

Industry Concerns

For three days, Aftermath’s Bryan and Kevin Reifsteck were on hand to answer questions and provide an overview of Company services. Crime scene cleanup is a specialized industry, and some conference goers were not aware that a specialized nationwide company like Aftermath existed.

Few restoration companies perform trauma cleaning, and for good reason. Industry professionals may work years in the field, but only rarely encounter a need for trauma cleaning. Frequently, workers are emotionally unprepared for the demands of these kinds of jobs, and companies are hesitant to put employees in situations they are not trained to handle. As Bryan relates, “Most restoration companies prefer not to perform crime scene cleanup because of the mental and physical toll it can take on employees. It’s not like any other cleaning job; often, you’re dealing with a family who has just experienced a tragic loss. Aftermath technicians are uniquely trained to cope with these difficult and sometimes emotional situations.”

Another concern routinely raised by those in the industry is the risk of contagious disease. Often, service providers lack the equipment necessary to handle biohazardous waste, including specialized chemicals and personal protective equipment. Even companies whose businesses already include bioremoval can benefit from working with a nationwide service like Aftermath. Whether it’s an out-of-the-area request, or additional hands to help a customer with immediate needs, Aftermath provides the same efficient, effective biohazard cleanup we provide to our own customers every day.

In addition to addressing these topics and networking with others in the industry, Bryan and Kevin also gave away an autographed Dan Marino jersey to one lucky winner!

A Special Offer for Partners

Attending conferences like Insights is an important part of the way Aftermath does business. As always, Aftermath is proud to partner with other reputable businesses throughout the nation through our Business Lead Exchange (BLX) Program. This business-to-business referral network compliments Aftermath’s highly specialized biohazard cleanup services. By encompassing the associated fields of home restoration, home rebuilding/reconstruction and general contracting, carpet cleaning, HVAC/air duct cleaning, and other professional services, Aftermath helps customers find a complete solution for complex and difficult situations.

As a thank you to DKI affiliates and members, Aftermath is extending a special commission rate to referral partners who sign up with the program before April 1st, 2015. It’s simple and free to join -– just click here, fill out the form, and be sure to tell your customers about Aftermath.